File a report with the cop’s but still go to court!


Bentoville County Sheriff today. Feels I am ‎Saturday, ‎December ‎27, ‎2014

The news media, Al Sharp-ton and
Barack Obama do a good job of
making our out-of-control police
a racial issue.

It’s not.

Here’s what happens when a citizen -black or white – dares to request a form to file a complaint against a police officer.

I mean, this video makes it look pretty bad, but its worked for me in the past. I once got arrested and got a ticket for “animal abuse” because the cop was just being a dick and tried to bust a power play. I got home with my ticket, called up the station, and let them know what happened(with all the officers info btw). Within an hour, his supervisor called me and spoke to me about the situation. After a good conversation where she actually listened to me and agreed with my points, she informed me that there was 2 ways I could proceed. I could either forward it to IA(Internal Affairs) and have them start an investigation, or I could let her handle it (basically, tear him a new asshole). After the conversation with her, all my steam was pretty much blown off so I decided to let her handle it because thats what I would want happen to me in that situation. (everyone has bad days). I went to the courthouse to deal with the ticket a couple weeks later and they informed me that the officer never put the ticket through so I was good to go.

Then another made the news world wide even, because of the Internet. Answering questions is not one of my good talents. In fact I get down right rude and very outspoken when questioned. Always been that way since Viet Nam, and carried over to life back home in America. In California had to appear in court because of citations. Never in the wrong, but the prick thought that I would pay the fine and not appear in court. Dismissed and once the judge even belittled the Probation dept. for even wanting to bring this to court.
In Arkansas was where it had to wait months to even go to court, but in those months the prick (which all cops that power trip me, are pricks and bad cops!) This one arrested me even for not answering his questions and even went as far as to take me into jail handcuffed off my property even. This Prick did not even try to stop but even the Prosecutor carried it into court. They lied like wild discussing pricks that this department is known for Nation wide. But, Judge had video of conversation and my rudeness as well as his. Even sent to tyhe Bentonville jail a copy to get them to stop being discussing low lives. Worst jail in the state, Bentonville County Jail, Arkansas 72712. All the cops I ever dealt with in my fifty plus years, Arkansas is the worst department I ever had to deal with. So prepare to know the Constitutional Rights, as here you need them! But, first one ever being so low scum to arrest with refusing to answer questions. Even after speaking to others on the property before asking me twenty minutes later even. Oh well, many still in that department, but they have not shown up to try to pull there power  crap on me. But, I am waiting. LMAO They have murdered my pet dog as a warning even pulled a gun on a residence person thinking it would be me. Known it wasn’t they had lame excuses for pulling the Automatic rifle of all things. Rifle on a 911 call is how they put it from a cell phone. No one even had a cell phone here at the time, but me. Yea. They have stopped since new election. But, another election again in 2016. Another new sheriff I am sure as people fed up with this one in office now with greed of money real bad! But, that’s for a future story


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