When are you really dead? Are you dead now? You may be…

10253956_10152416875544255_9106485842528390925_n                                                     5‎December ‎28, ‎2014
You may be dead and don’t know it? Which are you?
But Jesus came back to life after being dead for three days, right?…right?…right? : )
Only people capable of magical thinking believe that silly story.
Death is apart of life. We’ll all face it one day, no point in believing we can bring the dead back to life.
The question here is, what made life to begin with.
Probability of living if you get buried: 0%
Probability of living if you get incinerated: 0%
Probability of living if you get cryogenated: >0%?
Life is eternal and death is only something the living have to deal with. We come to ourselves only after having had a history. With regard to our own death, we never really get to I’m dead. Life is all that anyone has ever really known.
would you want to live forever? Some say yes and others know the truth no. Everyone and everything dies. At my age, I look foreward to see where it goes. Then again I rather see what happens here. The world is interesting and you can make it a fun world if know how to make things and people move. Which I do! lol


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