‎                                                                         Wednesday, ‎December ‎31, ‎2014
How many earthquakes have we had from 2006-2014?
Magnitude | 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
8.0–9.9 | 2 4 0 1 1 1 2 2 1 0
7.0–7.9 | 9 14 12 16 21 19 15 17 11 0
6.0–6.9 | 142 178 168 144 151 204 129 125 140 0
5.0–5.9 | 1712 2074 1768 1896 1963 2271 1412 1402 1475 0
4.0–4.9 |12838 12080 12292 6805 10164 13303 10990 9795 13494 0
Total |14703 14350 14240 8862 12300 15798 12548 11341 15121 0
As you can see The largest quakes have been less than 2007.
In reality we have been having many more with the smaller quakes. In fact all those in 2014 have increased with smaller ones. Look at the data yourself. Do you think the big ones are going to be back with even more bang in 2015?
7.9 Alaska, United States June 23, 2014 Only major one we had. In fact Alaska had all the big one’s every month of at lease one shake..
Those of us who watch the news are worried. Things seem to be spinning out of control on all levels. It can make us feel helpless. What can one person do ? The differences in religion, culture and wealth run so deep. The greed and lust for power are so overpowering how can good ever win?
We can write letters to our leaders and we can protest in the street but perhaps the most powerful instrument for change we possess is prayer.
Been watching the History Channel and even T.V. preachers and what do I see as well hear. How the earth is going to be destroyed as well as everyone on it. When I seen that the Wailing pray wall in Israel would be bombed by Iran and then Wold War three starts. Very interesting and more movies galore seem to ,be coming out daily even on you-tube and many other areas.
Of course there’s also walking dead in all these scenes and preaching even. Don’t know I really feel that Hollywood and even the Christians are behaving more like children than even the children. Were living in that last days. We all are living in the last days. When you get hit by a car, shot by a badge wearer or killed by your husband or wife or child even then it’s the last day for sure.Depending on your age, those days come faster depending on your age as well as health.
Hard times for sure will be coming to us all. Taxes will increase and cities as well as states will not be able to make the budgets. Of course anyone living in this society want to have all the services so guess what your taxes will increase as to your wants.
Many towns will increase more than 50%. Either in food service or something. Look at your pay checks close to fifty fifty for you and government? How many of those can not even get forty hours a week? Things cost more.; Have you noticed? I have.
Ah taxes can be filed January 22, 2015. Guess what how many of you did not sign up for health care. I mean you people not working? Guess what there will be a deduction or a fine for not doing so of over a hundred bucks and more! Get a speeding ticket, run a stop sign, or speeding. Ah yes those fee’s bite into your income. They will be paid or you will lose your job while in jail for not paying this extra income to your system that you live within. Trash or anyone that comes to your house for a service there is a gas mileage charge even. Credit card accepting must be over $5.00 ten in some stores or you pay a service fee for the merchant accepting your credit card. After all the merchants also have to pay a fee for that convenience. On and on it goes. Watch out if your heating unit goes out or any appliance for that matter. Roof leaking? Mine did while I was sleeping.
2015 is going to be a very costly year as well as increase on everything if anything is even left for as many people this world has. Going to be very interesting to say the lease.People are fed up with how some people have money to do things and those that don’t are jailed. Best think more like a slave as that is exactly what you are today. Soon enough your going to see that coming.
But, here is to everyone Have A Happy New Year’s 2015!


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