2015 First Eviction for me this year has come! People seem to just not care? Why???


Eviction of a roomer sometime hard No all the time hard!
12:00 PM today; I have rooms that I help people out at times as long as there also helping themselves at the same time. I even lower rent for a room to $200.00 ma month if they show that they are at lease showing their wanting to get ahead. Hell, I even went to where I don’t accept any rent if they are willing to help with repairs around my property or take trash out to the road, clean house with vacuum or really anything to assist IF they show that there doing the best that they can.
Well, this fifty plus year old man is now as addressed below. In all this time he has been able to get drunk and still unable to pay his pass due rents and now coming in nine days another rent due. In all these days I provided rides to and from the Unemployment office at ten dollars a day. Which also attached to rent. I even gave him a free ride and not charge Ten bucks just because it was Christmas season I suppose. Sometimes try to be nice even towards those that are not as such back. Most drunks think of themselves and where is the nest beer or wine is coming from.
Anyway, I printed this eviction form out and knocked on his room door and said here is an eviction notice. He laughed as if so what and so on. Oh well, goes to show how people act even if they don’t care. I also provide Cox cable/Internet as a free service even. Of course the internet will be shut off when I wish not to use it.
Yes, even the computer as well as the television also supplied at my expense for all the rooms. In short I make it as homier as possible as well as have Pest control services even. This man has not tried to find work in all this time and was terminated from his job for being drunk or drinking on the job. Hard to say which and since I took him to work daily he was usually still drunk and also told him myself that any other job would fire him for being as he is. He said they need me and can’t fire me because I start the equipment. Oh well, whatever. Well that was also a lie I come to learn and he was fired. Gave me a way difference story so to speak, but normally learn the truth after time. As it stands we will see what happens from him.
Some people it doesn’t matter if help or not, some just still think they owe everything and have to learn the hard way. Oh well, as they say life goes on!
Friday, ‎January ‎02, ‎2015
Your rent was due on the 11th and your pass due now! Your balance with rides back and forth of ten dollars each day leaves a balance of $235.00. I last gave you the option of paying for a room as noted below. Last that I was told is that Thursday December 25th, 2014 Christmas Day you should be getting your unemployment. That day has come and gone and I still have heard nothing from you. I asked that I be kept informed as to what your plans are as I do not run a homeless shelter as I rent rooms in order to help off set costs that I incur in order to live here myself.
In all this time, you have not made any attempts to even look for work from what I can see since I also live here. In fact I have seen you leave for places and come back late at night stumbling and falling down drunk from Lenoards house with Ricky another roomer here.
Another months full rent of $300.00 will be due in 9 days making your behind balance of $ 535.00. If your not going to be able to pay your rent then I suggest that you move back to your brother’s house in Springdale before this date. Your notice to depart is given today January 2, 2014. Arkansas law requires only five days notice, and this is now given unless rent and trips to the unemployment office are paid in full on January 11th 2015 in the full amount of $535.00. If by that date rent is not paid then please depart the residence by end of day before 5:00 PM.
Should you still be here after that day January 11th, 2015 then charges will be pressed against you for non-payment of rents as well as trespassing Legal fee’s with my attorney to arrange the court papers will also be charged for any further trespassing.

December 10, 2014
John Johnson Paid $85.00 towards rent due on December 11, 2014. Leaving balance of $215.00, Due on following if plan is chosen.

$75.00 weekly every Thursday or till $300.00 in full paid
$10.00 daily on 11th starting though 11th of following month.
$150.00 bi-weekly. on the 11th then final on 25th.

As stands now $85.00 was paid on the 10th of December making full balance due by or on December 18, 2014 in amount of $215.00 unless other arrangements made.
Ride to Unemployment office 16th, 2014……….$10.00
Ride to Unemployment office 19th, 2014………..$10.00
For your information Arkansas law states;
Failure to pay rent or to pay rent on time, for any reason, is grounds for eviction.
There are two types of eviction procedures a landlord can use to get you to move: “unlawful detainee” ( a civil eviction) and “failure to vacate” (a criminal eviction). I will use the criminal conviction only because you have lied to me way to many times!
If a landlord uses the “unlawful detainee” method of eviction, he must give you three (3) days written notice to vacate. If you do not leave, the landlord can sue by filing a complaint against you in court. After you receive a summons to appear in court, you have five (5) days to object in writing to the eviction. If you do not file an objection you can be removed from the dwelling by the Sheriff. If you do object, a hearing will be scheduled to determine your right to possession of the property. I have given you more than ten days notice as shown above how to catch up on rent in different ways, you have had more than ten days to date!
If a landlord uses the “failure to vacate” method of eviction, he must give you ten (10) days written notice. This method of eviction applies only to non-payment of rent. If you do not leave the premises within ten (10) days, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. You would then be required to appear in court where you could be fined up to $25 for each day you remained in the dwelling after being given the ten (10) day notice to vacate.

A landlord is not permitted to change the locks on your doors, move your furniture out, turn off your utilities or use any other “self-help” method of eviction or harassment to get you to move.

Additionally, Arkansas landlord/tenant law states that upon the voluntary or involuntary termination of any lease agreement, all property left in the dwelling by the tenant will be considered abandoned, and may be disposed of by the landlord as the landlord sees fit and without recourse by the tenant. All property left on the premises by the tenant is subjected to a lien in favor of the landlord for the payment of all sums agreed to be paid by the tenant.

Discrimination is another issue which Arkansas tenants may experience. A new federal housing law protects tenants from some acts of discrimination at apartments. In September 1988, amendments to the Fair Housing Act were enacted into law to take effect March 20, 1989, (Pub. L. No. 100-430, 102 Stat. 1619). The Act prohibits discrimination in any residential real estate-related transaction. The new law includes the following provisions:

Bans residential discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, handicap, familial status or national origin;

Bars advertisements and publications that indicate or intends any preference, limitation, or discrimination (e.g., adults only in a particular complex or section);

Prohibits discrimination in the terms or conditions of the sale or rent of a dwelling;

Bans discriminating against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, marital status or national origin in the use of facilities associated with the dwelling;

Forbids discriminatory assignment of a person to a particular section of a complex or development or to a particular floor of a building.

Always read a lease agreement before signing and keep a copy for your files. If you have questions about your rights under Arkansas landlord/tenant laws, seek legal advice.
Please leave as soon as possible if your not going to inform me as to how to pay arrears rents.
John Lewis Sr.


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