Work twenty hours for three weeks of food stamps. It’s a start at lease!

‎Friday, ‎January ‎09, ‎2015
S.N.A.P. FOOD STAMPS— work twenty hours a week for three months of food stamps—If single and no kids..;great idea!
With the economy still swirling around the bottom of a toilet bowl, it’s not surprising that many folks are going on welfare, particularly food stamps.

Some might be using the system as a hand up rather than a handout, but those individuals are in the minority, as a large portion of recipients are those who refuse to work, gaming the system and putting unnecessary strain on tax payers.

Well, if this new report is true, welfare abusers might be in for a rude awakening as stricter rules for qualifying for aid are about to be put in place.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that enrollment for food stamps will decrease by such a significant amount next year due to new guidelines surrounding timeline and job training that will be reimposed.

According to the CBPP, states will have to reimpose requirements that people who don’t have a disability or claim any dependents must enroll in job training or work at least 20 hours per week if they want more than three months of food stamps. Ed Bolen of the CBPP wrote that the group expects these new requirements to make the enrollment rate for food stamps drop significantly, and that will come mostly because they will have no choice, as many states do not offer training or jobs that meet the reimposed requirements.

The most recent data shows that enrollment in food stamps is already down significantly from past years. Now, with states having to reimpose the requirements and drop their past exemptions from time limits, the number of people enrolling in food stamps will likely drop quickly and drastically.

Our welfare system is a huge drain on the economy, so this news is great for those of us who see huge holes in our paychecks every week.

As unfortunate as it is to know that these cuts will likely cause a bit of suffering, it’s not the job of the government to forcibly remove money from the pockets of hard working Americans in order to take care of those who won’t work.

Granted, there are some people who genuinely need the help, and those folks get dragged into the mud with the abusers, which isn’t fair to them.

Now, just because the government shouldn’t be “helping” those in need, doesn’t mean we as Americans should forego kindness and charity. Quite the opposite. Americans are some of the most generous people on the planet, but unfortunately, that generosity gets quelled when the government is involved.

Without the government in the way, regular every day individuals like you and me need to step up and start helping those who are in dire straits. That’s how this country used to be long before all of the social welfare programs, and it’s what made our nation so wonderful.

If the government insists on being “helpful,” they can start by reducing taxes and ridiculous regulations that overburden small business owners, which will free them up to expand their companies and hire new workers.

So, my fellow Americans, as these folks come off welfare, let’s all step up, giving them a helping hand with love and kindness to make sure they can stand on their own two feet.
Today being only the 9th and my one roomer still sleep and still made no dash for seeking work. But someone offer a drink then hes off to that place for the beer as soon as he hears the call.
What does he eat? how does he do it. Well, not that hard as I do a lot of stories myself daily and sleep a lot as well. After all zero degree’s who is crazy enough to go out doors. Well I do to just get out and go crab a burger or an ice tea (sweet). I use to feed all these lazy people until I learned exactly what they were LAZY! Now, I just buy for me if and when I want or just eat a pak of noodles that all these crime ridden non convicted citizens eat in a cold jail cell.
The above story is nice as this is one thing left for free given out by forced tax payers that know the real truth as to how our money is abused and not used for the kids. I watched for years single man getting two hundred a month for not working and now finally that is going to stop. Believe it when I see it. After all one person needs a ride and now at the point sorry only ride is from here for good. No free rides any more! Done tired. What will I do. Probably go get a hair cut today. What does that mean. Hell, if you don’t know then how would I know? I am too old to think fast any longer, so I go slower and think of what is next when next gets here.


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