Who is RIGHT to say or do what?


‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2015
You say it’s not right to publish private information?
I say it’s Processing of Personal Data and Freedom of
Expression. After all the information had to be first shown as well as given by means of data or seeking out the data or the information. Meaning that if I can locate the information then it must be freedom of speech and if not that then it comes under my freedom of expression with a word or more or even none by me.
All you die hard people that feel I disclose personal information is against thelaw. Who’s law? Society, yours mine state city government..Whos? How can anyone break a law if the information is just passed on because I know how to locate it as well as continue the discussion of whoever it is that I searched out. Either because of knowing or not even knowing on a personal level. Anything thta is data is no longer personal or even private if already known by one or more persons already. After all that is Freedom Of Speech. Freedom of data. I have fought every organization known on a data base and guess what all these organizations have decided to hear your comments and then you have the freedom to close off anything I say so not to be offended by not coming to my location. E-mail is freely given, don’t want to hear the truth then delete or block me from telling you the truth. A lot simpler than calling the data police as they can do nothing without effeting their bottom line. I have over a hundred thousand people that follow me in many locations. Taken years to get this type of following. Even if they are more from the legal badge wearing ones than the citizens themselves. But, anyone with over a hundred thousand followers must be doing or saying something right.
I love to hear when people say that is me, it has nothing to do with you and none of your business. Wrong if it’s already information for one person then it is information for me to put out for others. I have had many lawsuits as well as visitors telling, warning threatening etc. Guess what I am still saying what I believe and going to continue to do so even if I myself even know it’s hard to believe. After all I also love to give out disinformation as it does make one wonder exactly who is telling the truth. How do I tell. I research it then find the best and common since as to the subject that I am speaking of. I also use photos and locations as well as names of those that say such things.
Enjoy as 2015 i going to be alot worst and boy 2016 is going to be worst of the worst. You have seen nothing yet!


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