Sorry Pay Pal I owe you money…Room or sofa even for rent..Send donations even. No kidding!


‎Thursday, ‎January ‎15, ‎2015
Sorry, ran out of money!
As anyone knows I tell it like it is, and especially when it comes to my personal life is exactly the same way. I never have any deceit when it comes to say something that is not true.
When you reach my age of 68 mas I write this, you just seem to want to be honest and truthful even if it hurts others because of it. If I don’t like someone then I will say why and even ask to please refrain from coming over. Yes, that is hard for some people because I suppose they did like me, until they learn I don’t them. As for people liking me, I could care less one way or the other. Yes, I also hear all that other crap I will be a lonely old man and have no one. Really! Oh how I wish that was now. Anyway there is so much on that subject as well and not in that mood to discuss. But, gives you an idea as to my outlook. Sure I still seek that one special person and No have not found it to this day. How long looking now? a while I suppose after all still have those come by’s that I USE. Notice use, but nothing special. After all would not take what comes by if had someone or something so special. Nope thta is not this subject either. I seem to attack all sorts that like hey what is your opinion on this and that. So, I always throw out little tid bits to see what I can catch that may interest others as well as me on my own personal level. After all at my age, you never know if I will waken for the next day. When I do I am as surprised as those that wish I was not even here today.
Ok, now here it goes after so long speaking off subject as I always do. My way of getting back at one of the English teachers that always disliked how I would not use “;; () and so on and still do it just to piss those hard heads off. Misspelling is common especially as fast as I type and no I hate spell checkers. After all if you don’t know what I am saying then you should not be reading the d ripple as many English instructors would tell you.
This morning I had a call from some 800 number, which I always say to myself another bill collector. If the phone is handy then I will answer as well as reply to whatever. Well, I have this two year contract from Cox cable for this stupid in phone service with caller ID on the television scree. What the hell. So, yes signed up and can’t wait till the contract is up to get rid of it. Meanwhile I use it for calling family in California, Alaska Oregon and Washington and Nevada as well as many other states and even countries which I dare not mention at this time. After all that is between the officials or as they wish to call themselves and me.
Well, it was Pay-pal and about my account being pass due. I guess they have called and called and never received but a voice message. No idea what that is but will take time and change it or listen myself as don’t even remember as I write this now. Like I said could care less and answer on ly if in the mood to do so.
Oh hi Pay Pal, I know what your calling for and that must be the idea I missed a payment or two or more. Correct? Well, surprised with my outspoken words and said well yes but also to remind you that the next payment is due on the 27th of this month. Ok, well I knew a payment was due last month and I suppose it must be the 27th. But, I ran out of money and that is why you have not received a payment last month and this month looks the same as last month. She said well, is there any way that you can send a little of something to show that you understand that you owe this to PayPal for giving you the credit. I said I would like to send what I could but, I had a heating unit that went out and have $10,000.00 that I also now owe on that and it’s a little more important that Paypal at this time. When I run out of money then don’t feel that I am picking on you Paypal as I am not. I also leave off a few others even and they may even be lower on my payment paying schedule than you. I have no idea, all I know is that when I run out of money then I no longer able to make required payments. I never asked for the debt or loan to be given and I thank you for it. Even if I did agree to make certain payments doesn’t mean that other payments will be more of a necessity to pay than you. All I can say is what I already stated is that I am out of money and I am sorry. She said well then try to send something by the 27th to at lease show good faith. Ok, but that is why I am telling you not to expect anything after all if I have no money then I can’t even say in good faith that you will get anything but nothing. I was reminded again the due day and told to have a nice day. You also have a great day and thanks for calling.
Of course ten thousand is just one of many major things that seem to happen to this old man and I just keep on going and wonder what next. I will take the phone to bed when I need to lay down for a nap. Yea, at my retired age you nap either out of the back pain or whatever pains decide to put me down for a while to by pass that reality hurt point so to avoid those pain killers that I know are worst than the pain at6 times. Besides with all the medications I take daily as well as have to pay for every month does run high at times.Never in my life ever thought I would end up taking over a dozen pills daily just to remain alive or happy. Been doing that now for years and even told I am at the limit of one of them as there is nothing that can be done as any more will do more harm than good. What I never ask any more after all the VA is to keep me a live and that is all they do. It’s a game among the doctors I think to see who can remain alive longer that doctors patience ot that one. I wonder if they even bet on some of us? lol I look at eight bottles of pills right now some say two in the morning two in the evening 1/2 daily and two in the morning and two in the evening and all sorts of things you need to avoid which I never pay attention to as won’t stop doing whatever it is that I should not do in order to take a pill. Then some things I just refuse to do until it comes down to a real need to. Like having two appointments in march back to back as only one doctor in this field and guess many of us have the same problem. But, those pills don’t seem to be doing anything after thirty days as told maybe see some changes and maybe not. As it stands two months and nothing so far. But, still another pill added top all the rest of them.So, waiting for March and how long after that? No idea, but back to back I am sure it is me on the line of cutting up in this doctors line of work. Just hope that it takes care of the problem and I can move on to something else to be taken care of.
Like anything as it does age it also gets worn out and needs to be replaced or junked. Until next time always be honest as no one will be now days after all look at those in power and how they lie daily and you believe it.
Hey have a room for rent again. $300 for one $200.00 for smaller one. Hell will rent the sofa even for $100.00 a month. Free cable internet and even phone. Call anytime at 479-899-6256. If no answer then not in mood to answer. so send message to: or better still just come by to check out who lives here and if you feel at home with those of us now living here. 12543 Scenic Dr., Rogers, Arkansas 72756. Don’t call for directions or ask questions just use GPS. I am out in the county away from the towns. Live between Pea Ridge and Little Flock. Six miles to Rogers, Pea Ridge or Avoca. Thanks John


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