18 trillion in debt..World War Three… India Iran oh hell with it, were all screwed.. How does it feel?


‎Saturday, ‎January ‎17, ‎2015
News that may be interested compared to Tv/Cable . Truth Is always here. This old man likes these following youtube videos and you will also. There short and will upset you, then again maybe not. After all you have done nothing and what were at 18 trillion in debt. Russia ready for takin on the Big Satan the USA. India has nukes also ready to fly as well as Iran if US doesn’t stop soon. Oh well, what is new. Things will get a lot harder so prepare. Enjoy life after all we will all hurt as time goes on with all the greed Americans wish to take from other countries.
weather as well as earthquake info. and so on…
I had to laugh last night when our local news ran the NOAA report with all the lies about record hot records. Absolutely NO mention of all the record colds and the fact that it’s been cooling for the last 17-18 years. What garbage.

It’s only 5 minutes please watch – We don’t have to speculate as to how this event is going to be used. It has already started. Sources, transcript and download links:

Holy Fucking Sht……Really India? first gang-rapes, now burning infants with steel rods???….if that’s not a backwards ass society/country, I don’t know what is.
ISLAM is making headlines AND beyond the headlines again… we must kill it.

Oil prices fall – Why and the winners and losers – Truthloader

How porn can be used against you…

FINAL WARNING: The Obama Deception & BIG EVENT IN 2015 .
The final 2014 news over the year…Quick and fast reviews..

When Will Economic Collapse Happen‬? Collapse happens by June 2015. But also WW3 goes nuclear around June 2015.

Economic DISASTER as Debt Hits $18 TRILLION! Social Security Fund EMPTY!


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