U.S. debt to $28 trillion by 2018. Russia, China, Iran no longer accept US DOLLARS, Did you know that?


Your not going to have retirement if you live past the age now required to collect!

‎Sunday, ‎January ‎18, ‎2015
Your Savings & Retirement…Target for Confiscation By US Government… Don’t believe it? Best prepare as it is coming in July 2015…
The U.S. government and the Fed pumped trillions of dollars of YOUR money into the banks and stock market over the last several years, catapulting the U.S. debt to $28 trillion by 2018. But now, the U.S. government and the Fed are completely out of ammo, with the Fed no longer able to buy U.S. treasuries. They desperately need money to maintain their own power, and taxes are not enough. So in order to keep the Ponzi scheme going, the U.S. government has made several highly controversial moves to make your savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation. And it’s becoming clearer by the day, if you want to protect your savings and wealth from government confiscation, you only have ONE choice.
Government officials don’t produce anything. They only feed off of those who do. They certainly don’t produce wealth; they only redistribute YOUR wealth. And when government officials cannot meet their obligations or fulfill the promises they made to the public, they figure out ways to appropriate the public’s money to fund their projects. Desperate government officials will always resort to expropriation, be it through inflation, debt accumulation or deficit.

With the Federal Reserve currently buying 90% of the U.S. Treasury market (and going insolvent doing so), who do you think the government will lean on to pick up the slack? The answer is YOU. In fact, the U.S. government has made several highly controversial moves to make your savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation! They’re using legislation and authoritarian power in collusion with the modern financial system to gain access to your private assets in the name of “protection”, “security” or “national emergency.” But in reality, your savings & wealth are being targeted as a revenue source.
The government is already making moves to nationalize retirement accounts like IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, 403Bs, as well as savings accounts worldwide. You will soon be forced to use a portion of your savings & retirement to purchase U.S. government debt – debt that will ultimately default, as it is not possible to sustain our astronomical debt nor the deficits that create it. How can they do this? Well, the “beauty” of the modern financial system – to a banker or an insolvent government – is the ease at which they can access your wealth with the stroke of a computer or a new law or tax.

For starters, the July 1st FATCA provision requires foreign financial institutions such as banks, stock brokers, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and trusts to report all U.S. citizens’ accounts directly to the IRS. FATCA even requires reporting to the IRS by foreign private companies on any income made by a citizen of the U.S. whether they live here or not. Second, Obama announced the creation of the MyRA – your retirement money will now be used to pay for U.S. debt. The MyRA is nothing more than an investment scam being sold to the American people as a you-can’t-lose, zero-risk investment by the pitchman-in-chief himself. And third, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees how investments are sold, proposed what it calls CARDS – Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System – which is an electronic system that will regularly collect data on balances and transactions in all 4100 brokerages nationwide.

So for the first time ever, The U.S. government is directing you where to invest your savings & retirement and has gained full access to the activity in every single citizen’s bank accounts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts and trading accounts. The IRS will also have full visibility on any oversees accounts, income, equity or other earnings, effectively giving them access to all the wealth of every American citizen no matter where they reside on earth. So now that we know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, the question for you is: what are you doing to safeguard your savings & wealth?
Detroit’s bankruptcy destroyed many people’s pensions. In Cyprus, the government raided people’s savings accounts in an example of outright theft. And right here at home our too-big-to-fail banks, like BofA, Citigroup, HSBC, Goldman, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and several others, are right now being investigated for robbing pensions via the rigging of interest benchmarks, among other investigations of fraud. JP Morgan Chase, in the last two years, has paid $7 billion dollars in fines for fraud.
Yet these parasites remain in power, have had no further regulation placed upon them, and continue the same (or worse) risk tactics that led to the financial implosion of 2008 and subsequent taxpayer-funded bailouts. These criminal organizations look more like organized crime syndicates than legitimate businesses. Yes, these are the same folks who are in charge and in possession of your wealth. Whether you have your savings & retirement funds in a money market, the stock market or the bond (debt) market, a bank or bank holding company controls your wealth. This means that when the government commands Wall Street to hand over access to your money, it’ll be a simple as a keystroke.
With our desperate government gaining unprecedented access to your financial accounts everywhere in the world, you need to take action NOW to protect your savings & retirement from possible capital controls. But if the government has its hands in your bank accounts, retirement accounts and brokerage accounts, is any place safe?

Absolutely. There’s ONE asset class this sits outside the financial system and is completely secure from government confiscation and global economic collapse: Gold & Silver. Gold & Silver have been the best wealth protectors for over 5,000 years and have survived every government & currency collapse in history. Today, physical gold & silver are selling in record numbers around the world. Central banks around the world and nations like China are stockpiling gold as a hedge to any possible collapse of all the dollars they hold.

The government has spent way beyond its limits. And now you know that the government is seizing control of your financial accounts. So the time is now. Protect your savings & retirement with physical gold & silver before you have nothing left to protect.
For anyone wanting to start protecting there assets I am going to tell you of a secret that is not known as well as the other coins being bought by coin dealers. Start collecting Kennedy half dollars and save them as all of those that are pre 1964 are 90% silver. After that there 40% but still 40% silver is going to grow as did all those silver dollars given freely at casinos until now today paper. Start saving as these coins will buy the goods that you will need in the future. Copper pennies even a great exchange and well worth to hold onto. Copper is growing high in value as well.
Have a great day! As the times are growing towards a real cave style of living in the future.


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