January 19, 2015 Old man truth of real true news to remind many others of words used…

‎Monday, ‎January ‎19, ‎2015
Old man’s news of true interest!

Obama Refuses to Go to Paris Anti-Terror Rally… But Look Where He IS Visiting.
In what is either the sending of an intentional message to the Muslim community or the most incompetent display of messaging yet from the Obama administration, the White House announced that the president would be visiting a famed Muslim landmark during an upcoming trip to India. The announcement came on the heels of President Barac.
Muslim Appointed to Intel Panel Issued Horrifying Threat to Police About “Allah”.
Democrats are trying to prevent Americans from criticizing one of their most controversial members, but his words speak volumes. Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) was recently appointed to a special intelligence committee that gives him access to many key secrets. There’s one problem: He appears to hold some radical views that are connected to his Muslim religion.
Here’s the Recruitment Poster the US Army Was Ordered to REMOVE PHOTO;


It doesn’t take much to offend some people, as anyone used to dealing with the American left is already very well aware. This time, Mikey Weistein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, complained about a U.S. Army recruitment poster that had the audacity to mention God. “On a mission for both God and Country,
Mitt Romney Rips Hillary to Shreds in Just 3 Sentences
“(T)he results of the Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama foreign policy have been devastating,” Romney said. “Terrorism is not on the run. As a matter of fact, the radical violent jihadists in their various forms are terrorizing and brutalizing people all over the world, just in the last several days.”

Romney made the remarks Friday aboard the USS Midway in San Diego, where the Republican National Committee was holding its winter meeting.

“I used to joke during the campaign that President Obama didn’t have a foreign policy,” Romney said. “And of course that was a joke because he did have a foreign policy. And the foreign policy was one that was crafted by he and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”The 2012 Republican presidential nominee explained that practically every part of the globe was worse off under Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, citing not only the obvious regions — the Middle East and the terrorist attacks in Paris — but also those that have received less media coverage lately, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s claims on the South China Sea and unrest in South America.

“Their foreign policy was based in part on the premise that if we are friendly enough to other people, and if we smile broadly enough, and we press the reset button, peace is going to break out around the world,” Romney said.

“This is a foreign policy that said that we should walk back from red lines,” he concluded. “This is a foreign policy that said that we should lead from behind. This is a foreign policy that was characterized by speaking loudly and carrying a small stick.”
Families of Fallen NYPD Officers Receive Incredible Gift From Anonymous Man
When good people are affected by tragic circumstances, it’s amazing to witness the kind of support the world, as a whole, has to offer. Even in turbulent times, it’s possible for generosity to spread far and wide. That was especially the case for the families of fallen NYPD officers Wenjien Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were killed by a gangbanger.
A mysterious, wealthy entrepreneur out of Hong Kong, with the public voice of the Sing Tao Newspaper company, announced a staggering $1 million donation to the families of both Liu and Ramos.

Michael Palladino, president of the NYPD’s detectives union, told a large crowd of cops and their families at a special ceremony, “In every tragedy, there are individuals who step forward and step up to the plate, and that’s what this story is all about here today.”

The agreement involved Liu’s father receiving $100k per year for five years and Ramos’ children were set up with a $500k educational fund. The monetary arrangements were facilitated by the Sing Tao Newspaper company.


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