People are all brain dead with computers thinking for them…


Computers and thinking people…Yea right!

‎Friday, ‎January ‎23, ‎2015
Went to Walmart this morning and bought an ink refill for my printer. Gave the nice old lady $40.00, or two twenty’s and she rang up the price with 8.5 cents and I had change of .97 cents due back. Well, thinking why carry all that change so I gave her .03 cents and she asked what’s this for? I said thinking she was kidding, and said it is yours if you don’t understand. I then said to her with computers today, people no longer think and do as the computers say and that’s the end of it. She stated yes, but just a minute I will figure it out and took the receipt and wrote on it $40.03. Then she was baffered or and confused and after a minute or two she said I give up. Here is your three cents back. I said thank you and now she said I owe you .97 cents in change. Yes, mam, and when she counted out the ninty-seven cents I said hold it before giving it to me. She asked why? I took the three cents and added it to the ninty-seven cents she was going to give me. Then said to her, could I have a dollar back now. She was disgusted and mad and I could see it. But, why is it that I only try to help and I turn out to be the asshole. Doesn’t matter how often I go any place but I seem to have that nack of pissing people off for wanting to think and do things simple. Computers have made people give up on thinking any more these days and I work with them daily and never allow the computers to take over my thinking as so many people do to day. It’s a shame this country no lponger can think on their own and must take what a machine tells them as truth. What a shame..A real shame…


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