What the fuck is the matter with you morons? Learn to drive or get off the road…


‎Sunday, ‎January ‎25, ‎2015
DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW HOW TO F****** DRIVE??!?!?!?!?! – 99 (Arkansas)
What the fuck is the matter with you morons? The PASSING lane. Yes, it is the lane on the left, however, before it is the left lane, it’s the passing lane. If you’re not passing GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE PASSING LANE YOU DUMB FUCKS!!!!! You plant your ass in the passing lane passing NOBODY, then when someone wants to get around your dumb fucking ass, you floor it?!?!?! They wanted to pass because they wanted to go faster, get the fuck over it. You aren’t doing the community a favor by slowing them down, you’re just a fucking cunt. Move the fuck over.

Highway on-ramps/acceleration lanes…. you guessed it, FUCKING ACCELERATE! Merging onto the highway at 35mph might be fuel efficient, but what is fuel efficiency if you’re fucking dead? Merge at the fucking speed of traffic, morons, or get the fuck off the road. Look over your fucking shoulder before you get to the end of the ramp too, that might help.

Yield. It does NOT mean stop, and wait for cars to get in your way. It means GIVE WAY!!!! No other traffic in the intersection? NO FUCKING YIELD!!!! It’s not that fucking hard! If people opened their fucking eyes and looked at the intersection before they were stopped at it…. maybe you’d know if there was someone in the intersection.

4-way stop. It does NOT mean slow down and go when everyone else stops. You stop, and the two opposing lanes of traffic cross simultaneously. It’s not that fucking hard. It’s not a fucking red light either so you don’t need to wait for sunrise.

If you’re merging into traffic, and you have a solid white line next to you, along with an entire lane ahead sectioned off JUST for you….. WHY DO YOU FUCKING STOP!?!?!?! You have a whole fucking lane to yourself you stupid fucks!!!!! FUCKING MOVE!!!!!!

Left/right turns. You make your turn, you stay in the fucking lane closest to you. You don’t make your left, then go AAAALLLLL the way over to the fucking right crossing multiple lanes of traffic. You turn left, you fucking stay in the left lane, THEN you signal right, and move over.

You don’t need to wait until every single fucking car is out of the intersection before you make a turn, you simply turn into the nearest lane when it’s clear, then accelerate to the speed limit in a timely fashion and fucking maintain that speed. If you can’t maintain a fucking speed within 5mph, then use your fucking cruise control so the person behind you doesn’t have to keep slowing down and speeding up for your incompetent ass.

Why is it so hard for you fucking people to just navigate yield signs, 4-way stops, merging lanes, and on-ramps properly? If the speed limit is 55, fucking go 55 or move the fuck over for faster traffic like the signs say!

Learn how to drive you dumb fucks. It’s fine if you like driving like a retard, but you share the road with other people so be fucking considerate.


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