Phone:817-459-5700 Twitter: @arlingtonpd


‎Monday, ‎January ‎26, ‎2015

I have no doubt that that the Arlington cop block has been a big topic back at the station and wouldn’t be surprised to learn that their response in this video was ordered.

It appears the cops are becoming frantic. None of their lies, intimidation tactics and bullying have worked to make you go away. Since you video record their actions……. it is difficult for them to falsify charges and throw you in cages.

None of their training prepared them for this. Imagine..a group of citizens who know their rights and cannot be bullied, lied to (effectively) and intimidated. When cops cannot bully, intimidate, and are forced to follow the constitution….they are completely at a loss.
But then they will shoot and say they feared for there life for any reason…

Phone:817-459-5700 Twitter: @arlingtonpd
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Please take a minute and go to the Arlington Police Department’s Facebook page. Leave them negative feedback and a negative review for illegally arresting two cop watchers yesterday. Please HELP!

Arlington’s Facebook page:

Other ways to contact APD:

Twitter: @arlingtonpd

Event Page:

Video of arrest:


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