Relax, take the good with the bad. I loved NWA,


‎                                                            Monday, ‎January ‎26, ‎2015
Know how to drive?
That 2 lane braking thing is courtesy. Curvy roads,
hills, concern for the safety of others. The habit gets extended
to flat roads, by some drivers, because of habit.

NWA has done a lot right, just look at the economic growth
accomplished by those “country hicks” and give credit where
credit is due.
Many new-comers have moved to NWA, to benefit themselves-
by taking jobs working for “hick” owners/founders, I might add.
Some new arrivals gripe about the driving.
They probably griped in St Louie too, but I don’t see’em
packing up to move back to the proliferation of gangs,
violence, gun control, taxes, property devaluations,
and perpetual freebies, that big city politics has so amply
Is it to much to ask of these migrant workers, to show some
appreciation for brotherly courtesy, jobs, housing, and feeding,
that the paychecks of these workers provide?
New-Comers were welcomed to NWA with all the above
mentioned benevolence.
Surely a little “tolerance” of regional courtesy,and, a few,
frustrations, is not to much to ask?
They did it without you and can continue to do it without you,
just fine.

Yes, I was intentionally condescending-as are the driving nazis.
But, the point needed made.
Relax, take the good with the bad. I loved NWA, and got used
to the concept that I was going to get nowhere, fast. But, there
was always willing help if I had problems. And, gracious
courtesy extended, if I errored in the proper way of doing slow.

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