Cancer Obama is destroying the world…

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‎Wednesday, ‎February ‎04, ‎2015
Jordan King Abdullah orders 2 ISIS Islamic Jihadist executed in Jordan as revenge to ISIS burning alive their pilot !

Barack Hussein Ebola probably feels bad that two of his closest buddies from ISIS/ISIL just got executed……Cancer Obama is destroying the world more and more with his charming smiles.. He took out GOD and replaced it with ALLAH(means CURSE in Aramaic). Hes trying to take out ISRAEL and bring in PALESTINE!! He’s trying to take out the CITIZENS and bring in the ILLEGALS!! He’s trying to take out the CONSTITUTION and replace it with SHARIA LAW!! He’s taking out BUSINESSES and bringing in UNIONS!! He’s taking out CIVIL RIGHTS and bringing in BIG BROTHER!! HETEROSEXUALS are out and GAYS are in!! MARRIAGE is out and SODOMY is in!! SANITY is out and LIBERAL-LUNATICS are in!! Thank you Mr. Cancer Barack Hussein Ebola!
The Iraq war was a disaster, but Osama Obama pulled out allowing this to happen, then tries to bomb the only functioning Arab state in the middle east, Syria. This spectacle could be ended in 2 days it the full force of the US military was brought to bear.

Responding to murder with murder….hmmm….there all just twisted over there.Just like our own criminal system called death row.
obama take note: You pussy, I’m ashamed to have you as a president.Isis will try to enter into Jorden very soon…and after will be fire all over the middle east! I am sure this will be next if Russia doesn’t get excited over the USA supporting one of Russia’s own states, so to speak. Think about it America. Can’t see what is going om over the falling dollar still? What a shame!


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