In 2016 will this president decide to become a dictator of the United States?


‎Friday, ‎February ‎06, ‎2015
Remove yourself from this page today!
Warning do not follow this face book page if wish to be unknown to the badge wearer’s Federal badge wearer’s or Home security of America or anyone that calls themselves CIA from whatever location. By following this facebook page your placing yourself on a known list of people that are against the way this Government is run. Your stating your wanting to change this government in any way possible within legal means if at all possible. This page as well as all followers are on a list of keep a close watch on these people for future round up of discontent people that need to be locked up once this government decides to be run by those now holding office in the Congress and Senate and the so called dictator Obama has decided to continue to run the United States as he see’s fit. We no longer have a president that protects the people or citizens of the United States. Were all slaves of the now running system as well as one of the strongest dictators in the world run by those now that occupy the once free people and once ruled under a Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Close your pages under Facebook or at the very lease remove yourself from this user’s facebook as friends or family or school or working partners for your own protection. If continue to be a member and follow this user then you will be in prison or killed!
This is just a warning as time is short and the coming to control all markets as well as jobs and even food and water in all areas will come to the point that only certain people will have freedom of movement. Control is almost to the point of complete take over and that also means the words printed on the World wide web called the Internet. Erase yourselves from this truth page or face the dangers of having no means to survive the coming rulers of this coming third world country run by many power hungry low scum buckets nazi style boot stomping thugs!


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