Action groups in states on facebook? Whata joke in this age of no secrets any longer!

221119 ‎Sunday, ‎February ‎08, ‎2015
Action groups? LMAO at that right now. I can see the action now on so called groups. Wonder how many undercover just waiting to hear or wait see what actions are written to so called private members to do this and that. Sounds more like a kiddie childish type of peons the way you state ACTION group. As if were a group that can and will get things done. Ok, then I am not wanting to be part of the action that ends up saying something or wait doing something to prevent me from teaching people openly as well as legally and under Constitutional means to take back our country. Your a silly whittle bunny Bertrum J Meisner Jr . Business. Next pot luck will be when? LOL Read? Read all the bullshit that states nothing what so ever. Get a life!
Oh another thing is since all these pages (States) are connected to Facebook as well as many other links then nothing is private or secret! Get a life my income fighting tax. IRS has been around longer than most of us and still will be as it’s part of the body of the government that steals from the sheep or American people! It will never be a flat tax no matter how long it takes. Maybe a war of nuclear type or even Isis muslins will take over the religion of Christian America. After all In GOD WE TRUST is being removed as well as American flags are no longer accepted in public government schools. Pledge or prayer don’t dare. Now to pray to some dead ass goat or pig like Isis & Muslims then that is fine with this government. After all over two hundred generals were forced to quit retire and look at what is in charge of a new America coming to a state near you if not already to control now. Oh hell with it. You silly people. Get away the pack and become a lone wolf and be proud of what you do without having to say or tell the world about it. Private business as if anything is private on the World wide web in the first place. You silly creatures or freaks of nature believing in what your told!
Reply back anytime at or visit the so called private web page or social page called
E-mail as well at

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