Do you pray with that mouth?


‎Monday, ‎February ‎09, ‎2015
I appreciate the emails. The concerns as well as the judgement and extreme hatred. Most of you wish me to burn in hell for commiting such a horrible crime to mankind. It doesn’t matter who I am or what my position is, you think I should pay, no questions asked, no mercy. If I was a monster then, I’m still a monster today. My family are fools for overlooking and making continuous excuses, justifying my actions. The problem with society is that people feel this way, whole-heartedly, in a fraction of a second yet when I tell you who I am you fall in line with my family, instantly. Yes, I did commit unnecessary homicide on a grand scale because I am an evil monster who doesn’t deserve praise or forgiveness. You wish to string me up or burn me at the stake for what I did ….. but when I tell you that I am the Judea-Christian god YHWH … you quickly change your position. I am the god of the bible and what each one of you have said in your emails is true. I told a man to slit the throat of his son. I watched as my children swallowed water, drowning by my hand. Listened to them scream as I burnt them alive. I killed my children for carrying wood that was necessary for warmth and food preperation. I killed them for not impregnating their sister-n-laws. I killed them for being different. I killed them for being disabled, even though that is how I made them. I killed them for real estate. I killed them all simply because I wanted to. And I promise to one day kill the majority of the Earth by setting them on fire even though I promised Noah I would never kill all of mankind again. I am evil and should not be seen as anything moral. I ask you: now that you know who I am … how quickly do you forget the atrocities I’ve committed?
Don’t worry about the things you said about me … I’m just modern day mythology. I wont burn you with hellfire.

Email received:
…..”WTF! You are a piece of shit human being and you obviously know it. You should be held accountable for your actions. You took someones life and you should suffer the hell of that for the rest of your sorry fucking life. You want it forgotten and for people to move on! Can the people you killed forget it and move on? Can their families? You are nothing but scum of the earth and should be put to death for your actions, not forgiven. You want relief and forgiveness then put a gun in your fucking mouth and pull the trigger. No matter how much you think you are a better person, you are not and never will be. Rot in hell asshole! ” …..

Wow! Do you pray with that mouth? What I did should be over-looked and forgotten because I am someone of importance in this community. I will not be tried. There are too many people who would stand in my corner on this so might I suggest that you hold your tongue. ‘Rot in hell asshole?’ Better yet, go read your bible and get over yourself. Who are you to judge my morals? I only wanted to vent.



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