Dead Beat Renter’s! Liar’s that want everything without working. Scum ball lazy sheep/people!


Your rent is due…Your rent is pass due! Move or else!

‎                                                                   Thursday, ‎February ‎12, ‎2015
Rental problems? Not really, just people using people!
‎Thursday, ‎February ‎12, ‎2015
John December Rent Due…………………..$115.00
February…….(DUE ON 11th)…………………..$300.00
March………..(NOT DUE)……………………….$300.00-But on 11th of March is due!
Rides still owe on total………………………………….$030.00
You were given a notice to leave over month’s ago. I have heard nothing or seen nothing what so ever as to what your plans are.
Channel Five News even states employer’s having trouble finding workers. You have not left this house but one time to search for work and only went to get almost $300.00 in food stamps assistance. Which is fine and good. But, then been drinking all the time and not seeking employment. Your not a relative and I had an agreement which you have broken.
You now owe a total of $745.00 as of February 11th, 2015 and you need to make some type of arrangement as I no longer am going to have anyone stay here for FREE. Your asked to make some type of attempt to remain here or LEAVE TODAY! Winter is coming to an end. Since your still drinking every evening, then you can afford to pay rent or move. I am tired of hearing your cussing and swearing in the evenings when your drunk. Please take your filthy mouth some place else as I do not have to put up with it. Next time I hear any such late night language you will be escorted to the county jail for the evening and never to return here until rents are paid in full.
Please depart under your own power as I sure don’t wish to help you out the door! Enough is enough. Get a job or get out TODAY! If rents not paid by 28th of this month then Your no longer welcome here. Leave under your own power before the 28th if nothing is paid towards the rent. Leave before the 28th anytime after that will be problems that you DO NOT WANT TO FACE! I waited long enough.
There are many job hiring fairs today in Rogers that start at 10:00 AM as well as at 1:00 PM those are employers seeking to hire people for the company. There is no reason to remain here and sleep all day and not search for work especially when employers need as well as looking for people!
I will trust you once again and allow you to stay till the end of February of this month because you state you will pay up your rent on your tax refund. Proof of this and you can stay only till then. If no proof then let Tom know where you wish to be let off either Salvation Army in Rogers or your brothers house in Springdale or any place you choose.
Because of the storm coming, I decided to just let my son Tom take over, since as you can see I am just too easy going. I have given copies of this to the renter John also, thqt way he can see there really are jobs if you want to work. I havee see so many people that just plain lazy and want what they can get for nothing. What a shame! I am rerired and live on less than many people, but never can receive s.n.a.p. (food stamps) because I worked all my life and now not able to because of health reasons and age of course 68 under a doctors care as well. I am too soft headed as well belive all the stories these liars tell me. Like unemployment is coming, never does because of being fired for coming to work drunk. But, almost four months and my son Tom said enough is enough. So, it’s now till the 28th and final day. Pay up of enjoy the last two weeks and one day of having all the free stuff you now have.
What is the free stuff cable internet, cable T.V. Cooking of your free food in a microwave. Storage of your free food in the deep freezer and refreigator. Use of water, electri, lights heat all at no cost for rent of $300.00 per month. Now, where else can you get all that for $300.00 a month? Not even at a motel as they rent at over $500.00 per month today!

ARKANSAS (KFSM) – If you’re looking for a job in Northwest Arkansas, you’re in luck! There are a few job fairs happening today.

Simmon’s Foods Job Fair

Goodwill Career Center
10a.m. – 4p.m.
100 positions are open on the overnight shift
No experience is necessary
Lowe’s Job Fair

West Sunset Ave.
1p.m. – 4p.m.
Goodwill Career Center
Hiring for all positions
George’s Job Fair

Goodwill Career Center
9a.m. – 1p.m.


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