Arkansas has no help for the mentally ill if your a poor person! Of course you already know that!

‎Saturday, ‎February ‎14, ‎2015

February 14, 2015
Did you know there is no free mental health help in Arkansas for the poor or those that can not hold down a job or even a conversation with people. None what so ever. That is not only sad for those that need help, but also sad for a community that is suppose to care for others. Yes, you hear as well as see help on holidays but that is given on special days of the year and then that is all. Someone may be given a home or food but then what about the others there still waiting and waiting.
Call the police for assistance, sorry! Unless it’s a crime there is nothing we can do! Call mental health, get in line and wait, miss appointment because of no fault of the mental person then wait again in back of the line then your name comes up again a year or more later. Meanwile stress on those wanting to seek help are told. Forget it, if don’t want to pay for the person’s help then forget it! Take to emergency room for a doctor to see if bad enough to come to mental health. That is from Ozart mental health themselves. Get someone willing to stick their neck out for the payment. What a shame money before the person’s welfare. Arkansas your a real sorry state for the mentally ill!


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