Comment to Brasstv over renters in Arkansas..BULLSHIT!


‎Saturday, ‎February ‎14, ‎2015
My reply to Brasstv. There no longer renters if their not paying rent. Get real and stop this bullshit that landlords as you call them are evil people to those renting. Hell, if not for landlords these lazy people would have no place to stay. Even then they want it for FREE!–go-to-jail-in-arkansas.html
Oh please, take notice this dead beat recived three months free rent and even giving him till the 28th of this month. fourth month rent not paid. But, guess what he was able to get $288.00 in food stamps or known as now S.N.A.P.
On the 28th, I will force this lazy dead beat into jail. What are we suppose to do support these lazy people. Come on that is bullshit!
Brasscheck tv. Let’s get it right. As the renter is stealing from me as well as the SNAP program. $288.00 and can’t pay rent for being lazy! Read about the daily/monthly on this dead beat, and only because it’s winter I have done nothing.


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