Bentonville probation On “J” street as well as a package from my gal Pat Neel video of today!

‎Sunday, ‎February ‎15, ‎2015
Video of today:
What activity was at the house today. Just the regular old traffic of people. Sunday, is the beginning of the snow or ice or both until Monday and clearing up by Tuesday. Went to mail box and loads of junk mail. Also a package from My old gal Pat Neel, from the greatest Candy store in the world called The Candy House, located at 415 “D” street. Marysville, California 95901. Have not opened it just yet, as feel sick as did not send her a thing. When I say there are no special days any longer in my life that is what I mean. At only 68, and feeling thirty today, why is it there’s always one person that refuses to let me for get even a silly day such as February 14, 2015. When will I open the package. Hard to say as many thing I have not opened still around and not opened even today. Why? I have no idea, but afraid to open them for one reason or another so I wait and think for a while and someday I may get around to opening all these things if I don’t end up cleaning and throwing them out or if someone that lives here doesn’t steal them and I forget them. Yes, I have a great household of scum leach people that just don’t care about nothing or as I call them druggies that found a way to past the silly tests given to them by their probation officers. Hear stupid stories daily from one of them how dumb their probation officers are. Trouble is I agree. They get clean urine from one of their clean neighbors most of them. Why are these idiots called probation officers so damn stupid and not check their clients? They keep it room temp. next to their privates until time to fill the silly cups. just letting you know you silly so called probation officers in Bentonville, Arkansas on “J” street! That’s Arkansas by the way.

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