I am ashamed of many of you so called men…Enjoy as been there…And still wonder at times. LOL


‎                                               Monday, ‎February ‎23, ‎2015
Should you date her or not?
Ok I admit women are bats shit crazy. All of them. There is nothing we can do about it. But men. you have to understand some things, if she doesn’t call after a first date it could be that you just dodged a bullet my friend – or maybe a mortar. So, in the future, here are a few things to watch out for:

1. Don’t ever mention an ex, sister, mother, aunt, Sunday School teacher, grandmother or any other female. No woman can ever believe that there is any other female on the face of the planet but her in your mind. If she does, you’re never going to hit it.

2. Don’t go on about yourself unless it is something that the typical Americanized woman wants to here like how much money you are worth. Your self worth is not the point here. It is about how much baling she can get out of you and face it guys, women like shiny things they can rub in the faces of other women. No one really understands this phenomenon. The best theory modern science has to go on is that bitches just be crazy. It’s an ego thing.

3. Don’t skip work or ditch work early if you need to for a date. Most women want a man that has money as long as he doesn’t smell like he had to do labor that day to get it. If you find out that woman likes a man to smell like cologne, run for the hills as soon as you find out. This type of female is obviously insane and will destroy your soul given the chance. Her expectations of what a man is supposed to smell like is obviously deluded and this is a a huge indicator of much worse problems to come. Be as clean as possible but if you had to work and just got off in time to take her out, then tell her so. Gage her reactions accordingly. No date is worth losing a job for.

4. Don’t forget to make sure you inform her explicitly before a first date that it is dutch. If she wants a second date after that, she may actually have potential for a relationship lasting longer than a one night pump and dump.

5. Don’t ignore her face in the presence of other women especially the more attractive ones. If she watches your eyes to see if you as much as look at another female, do not see her again. This is a red flag about her personality. If she is so jealous on a first date that this could be a problem, run and never look back lest you turn into a pillar of salt. This type of female obviously has severe daddy issues and could never be a potential mate. She would never get along with your mother so don’t even think of introducing her to family. See rule #1.

6. Don’t speak needlessly. If she cannot tolerate a few moments of silence then she obviously does not understand men one iota. This is not uncommon. It happens often that women simply do not understand that normal men only speak if they feel there is a need to actually convey a point. This is often illustrated by the fact that men can watch an entire movie together without speaking a word. On the other hand women cannot even wait for the commercial to blather on about some inane horse crap that doesn’t matter to anyone just so they can reassure themselves of their own self worth by having a man say “Oh.. I see…” If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is simply repeat the last 6 words you heard. This has surprisingly good results and you only need store a very limited amount of her nonsense in your memory freeing up system resources for more important task.

1. Be a gentleman and treat her like a lady until she proves otherwise. 95 percent of the time 95 percent of all women will show you their true colors within the first thirty minutes. At this point, all bets are off and you should feel free to treat her like the common barnyard trollop that she is.

2. Ask her about herself, her interest, her dislikes, etc. This is important to find out her quality of character and can be quite useful to weed out the gold-diggers and whores. If she turns blue in the face over the topic of conversation, see rule number 1.

3. Make eye contact but not so much as to allow any Jedi mind tricks. If you eyes venture towards her exposed cleavage feel free to let them as she knew damn well that this would happen. There is not one single woman in the country that doesn’t own a mirror and spend at least an hour looking in it before a date. She knew she was wearing when she left the house. If she dresses like a ho-bag, she probably is one. Furthermore, if she dresses like she doesn’t mind people seeing her sweater puppets putting on a show then she had damned best not mind when you do it and better not have a damn thing to say about it to you or anyone else for that matter. If she accepts this and has no comments, chalk this one up as a point as long as you don’t mind being seen with miss Lucy with the show toppers.

4. After she has agreed to go dutch and has the waitress has given her the ticket, it is up to you at this point to decide if she is worth a second date. It is also up to you to offer to pay for her meal. This is totally optional as American women won that responsibility during the women’s liberation movement of the sixties. If she tries to get you to pay for her dinner then kindly inquire as to what you should expect in return. If she says nothing then tell her to pay for her own damned meal. If you offer to pay, expect nothing but gratitude. If she shows more than gratitude, well, good for both of you.

5. Dress down compared to how you normally dress and do not give the woman a clue as to how much you are worth. Borrow a buddy’s cheaper car if you have to. If you need to understand why, watch Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America.

6. Confidence in your own self worth is the most important thing. If she can’t have you the way you are then she isn’t worth the effort. Remember, at this point she has proven what she is and no piece of loose tail is worth selling your soul for.

So be a man be proud of it. Happy hunting brothers.

If you disagree with me, you are most likely a silly whiz gig stank pig who doesn’t deserve anything other than the two or three venereal diseases you already have. Feel free to bitch all you want but for #%@$ sake, go see a doctor.

To the sad pathetic boyfriend of the original poster, take the ring out of you nose and run before she completely castrates you. It’s not too late to reclaim your balls and your manhood. Stand up and be a man, son. Give her what she really needs – a dirty Sanchez, a donkey punch and stuck with the tab for dinner.


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