Banned not to post to this group because this coward was contacted by higher ups? Silly rabbit!


‎Thursday, ‎March ‎05, ‎2015

Oh no I am no longer of another group because of my handcuffing this black sheep called Obama… Wow how distress I am being banded once again from a child like group. LOL
Oh well, seems as if that this dictator running this site has deleted me from sharing the news as well as my opinions on everything. Wants me to join a local group, which he has been told there is none in Arkansas as your able to tell by going to this strange and unknown as well as un-run site as the lady that did run it. Stated that there were way too many bullshit rules to follow in order to become a member of this silly message board.
I left messages to this silly creature with no reply so here it is openly on the internet as well as the world. After all you know I have thousands of contacts as well as every policing government gang house that follows my every move or word. Besides they love to see me yelling at commie nut cases as this site after learning what IT dislikes to hear or read or even see. Oh yea the silly Arkansas group is here. LMFAO when there are so many states that think this guy is a silly child!
What didn’t like my postings? What was the reason to take me off your group? No matter, just would like to know the reason behind your decision as sure don’t wish to make a comment out of thin air without knowing your side.
Members List open to public;

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