Police murders across the country for Month of February 2015

Occupy Oakland Police Officers

‎Thursday, ‎March ‎05, ‎2015
List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States for the month of February 2015;

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
02/28/15 Allen, Thomas (34) Missouri (Wellston) When Allen attempted to drive away from a traffic stop, a Wellston police officer jumped partially into the car. The officer fired at Allen, who died of his injuries in hospital on March 1.[1]
02/28/15 Sherrod, Ian (40) North Carolina (Tarboro) Police responded to a tip on the whereabouts of a suspect in three earlier fatal shootings. They found Sherrod in a truck displaying a gun. Refusing to surrender, he got out of his truck and pointed his gun at officers, who shot and killed him.[2]
02/27/15 Diaz, Ernesto Javier Canepa California (Santa Ana) Police identified a man and the vehicle he was in as the suspect and vehicle involved in a robbery. Early reports lack detail, but “something happened” as police tried to contact him, and they shot and killed him.[3] The Mexican government identified the man as Ernesto Javier Canepa Diaz, a Mexican citizen.[4]
02/26/15 Perez-Lopez, Amilcar (21) California (San Francisco) Perez-Lopez was shot and killed by two plainclothes officer after he allegedly robbed a man of his bicycle at knifepoint in the Mission District.[5]
02/25/15 Name not immediately released Nevada (Las Vegas) The man brandished a rifle, fired into the air, and then fired into an apartment police say they thought was occupied, at which point a SWAT sniper shot and killed the man.[6]
02/24/15 Name not initially reported Wisconsin (Green Bay) Police responded to a call about a possibly suicidal man. He stabbed an officer in the arm. The wounded officer and his partner fired, killing the man.[7]
02/23/15 Elrod, Daniel (39) Nebraska (Omaha) Police responding to a reported robbery engaged Elrod. Accounts of the interaction vary, but officer Alvin Lugod shot and killed the apparently unarmed Elrod.[8]
02/22/15 Leonard, Bradford Samuel (50) Florida (Palm Bay) Police responded to an early-morning 911 hang-up call. When they arrived, Leonard reportedly walked into his driveway, aimed a gun at an officer, and opened fire. Officer Derek Hollcroft opened fire, killing Leonard.[9]
02/20/15 Villalpando, Ruben Garcia(31) Texas (Grapevine) Villalpando, a Mexican immigrant, was shot and killed by Grapevine police officer Robert Clark. Clark engaged him in a high-speed chase after responding to a burglary alarm at a business. According to the Star-Telegram, “The driver, later identified as Garcia, got out of his pickup, put his hands up and walked toward Clark’s patrol car despite the officer’s calls to halt…. Two shots rang out, and Garcia slumped over. He was pronounced dead at 12:06 a.m. at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office[.]”[10]
02/20/15 Grant, Stanley Lamar (38) Alabama (Homewood) Shot and killed after allegedly firing at officers serving a search warrant. [11]
02/18/15 Fonville, Janisha (20) North Carolina (Charlotte) Janisha Fonville refused to drop a knife during a domestic incident, she was shot and killed. [12]
02/17/15 Ireland, Michael Steven (31) Missouri (Springfield) Michael Steven Ireland was shot and killed after a foot chase. He appeared to be unarmed. [13]
02/17/15 Doug Sparks (30) Massachusetts (Tewksbury) Man fatally shot after allegedly stabbing and slashing two people in the parking lot of school.[14]
02/17/15 Saldivar, Pedro (Pete) Juan (50) Texas (Del Rio) Saldivar was driving a commercial vehicle and police tried to make contact after reports of him driving recklessly. He refused to stop and several deputies opened fire, there is a video of the incident.[15]
02/16/15 Caldwell, Daniel Lawrence (56) Arizona (Marana) Shot and killed after he was seen raising a handgun at officers.[16]
02/15/15 Evans, Cody (24) Utah (Provo) Shot and killed after pointing an Airsoft rifle (with orange tip removed) at police, during response to domestic violence call.[17]
02/13/15 Hendrix, Jason (16) Maryland (Baltimore) Three days prior to his death, Hendrix shot and killed his parents and sister in a cabin in Corbin, Kentucky. He then drove to Baltimore. In Baltimore when he was stopped for a speeding violation he opened fire on police officers, wounding one. Police officers returned Fire, killing Hendrix.[18]
02/11/15 Watkins, Phillip (23) California (San Jose) Watkins was shot by two police officers after allegedly charging at them with a knife.[19]
02/10/15 Zambrano-Montes, Antonio (35) Washington (Pasco) Shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes. Zambrano was throwing rocks at cars and officers during the incident. As he was shot, Zambrano appeared to be unarmed and did not have a rock in his hands as he was fired on by three police officers. The shooting lead to mass protests in Pasco and a response from the Mexican government, condemning the shooting.[20]
02/09/15 Hostetter, Larry (41) Texas (Nocona) Police responded to a disturbance at Hostetter’s residence. During the call, the officer shot Hostetter, an off duty Montague County deputy, who was pronounced dead an hour later.[21]
02/06/15 Hill, Herbert (26) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Herbert Hill was killed after he shot and injured an officer trying to arrest him.[22]
02/06/15 Robinson Jr., Jimmy Ray (51) Texas (Waco) Jimmy Ray Robinson Jr was killed after a high speed chase on Interstate 35.[23]
02/05/15 Sawyer, John (36) California (Calimesa) John Sawyer was killed when he picked up what turned out to be a replica handgun after ignoring police commands.[24]
02/04/15 Castillo-Gongora, Wilber (35) Texas (Wichita Falls) Wilber Castillo Gongora was tased by deputies on February 3rd and died on February 4th.[25]
02/04/15 Muna, Salvador (28) Arizona (Tempe) Salvador Muna was being tracked by the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force when he allegedly raised a gun at deputies, he and the driver of the vehicle he was passenger in were shot and killed.[26]
02/04/15 Hernandez, Joaquin (28) Arizona (Tempe) Joaquin Hernandez was shot and killed, he had a fugitive being tracked by the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force in the vehicle who was killed as well.[27]
02/04/15 Lett, Jeremy (28) Florida (Tallahassee) Jeremy Lett was shot and killed by Officer David Stith who was responding to a robbery call.[28]
02/04/15 Atkins, Markell (36) Tennessee (Memphis) Markell Atkins threatened U.S. Marshal and task force agents with a knife and was shot and killed, he was wanted in connection with an incident in which he is accused of killing a 1 year old child of his girlfriends he was babysitting in March of 2014.[29]
02/04/15 Johnson, Paul Alferd Eugene (59) California (Corona) Paul Alfred Eugene Johnson was being tracked after he robbed a bank and was unknowingly given a tracking device. At the end of the chase he was shot and died at the scene.[30]
02/04/15 Purvis, Anthony (45) Georgia (Douglas) Purvis was shot by officer Joseph Brackett who was responding to a shooting.[31]
02/04/15 Colon, Izzy (37) Florida (Orlando) Izzy Colon was shot and killed after two undercover officers conducting a follow-up investigation saw him and another man openly firing guns.[32]
02/03/15 Henderson, Yuvette (38) California (Emeryville) Yuvette Henderson was shot and killed after, according to police statements, she tried to carjack at least 3 people and pointed a gun at a security guard at a home depot store.[33]
02/03/15 Ward Jr., Dewayne Deshawn (29) California (Antioch) Dewayne Ward Jr. was killed in a hail of bullets after he charged officers with a knife in his hand.[34]
02/03/15 Williams, Ledarius (23) Missouri (St. Louis) Ledarius Williams was shot and killed after police say he produced a gun while having an altercation with police officers.[35]
02/02/15 Unidentified Texas (Houston) Under investigation. First stories are saying, that a man was shooting into a bar and an officer who was at the business shot back at him and killed him.[36]
02/02/15 Kassick, David A (59) Pennsylvania (Hummelstown) A man was shot by an officer during a traffic stop, incident is still under investigation.[37]
02/02/15 Rose III, Francis Murphy (42) California (Apple Valley) A man who was allegedly shooting a gun near a home was killed, incident is still under investigation.[38]

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