March 6, 2015—Keep the faith as they say. Best to be armed and ready to save yourself!

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‎Friday, ‎March ‎06, ‎2015

Don’t you think you should be armed and ready
As a FREE AMERICAN, when do you think it’s time to start fighting back the corryption of these people that feel they have the power to control all you say and do? When these corrupt people that feel they need to control your movements even entering your homes with so called NO KNOCK warrants. When is it time to say enough is enough? How many of you have family loved ones in the jails of these corrupted power hungry saddists awaiting trials months and years because they don’t care how long you remain locked up oir even if your killed. Have you heard the stories of all the innocents that are now being found NOT GUILTY only after doing fifty more or less years. They all maintained their innocents, but NO ONE would listen because the badge wearer’s or those given the power to collect monies or property are allowed to steal from you for such things as not paying revenue to the town, city, state or the United States Of America even after you’ve already paid more than needed. When is the right time to start taking these so called power brokers lives since they already take all that that they can by the lie’s told in the media. When is the time to take your freedoms as God free born free human beings. We are all equal and we all die. Some before others because of being cowards or afraid. Fear is in the mind as love is in the mind. When will you awaken after your imprisoned? Look at what is taking place DAILY all over this country daily! Murders by badge wearer’s and their free to continue to murder by lying in fear of their lives. When is it time for you to defend and protect your lives against these so called murders of freedom loving people? Your been warned that a major control is in the workings at this time. That doesn’t mean local police as there going to be under government control and being federally funded as Germany once had.
For those that don’t know it, Homeland security is not just in Washington. It’s in control of all aspects of your life and in every city town and state now. You foolish people just won’t awaken and see what is happening. What a shame!


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