Call this Jerk ” Jason Villalba ” (512) 463-0576 OR (214 ) 363-8700 -Hell call both numbers! Yes I called both numbers!


‎Saturday, ‎March ‎14, ‎2015

Now with all the corruption going on from the White House all the way down to the states badge wearing dummies. All you citizen sheep need to stop saying as long as there leaving me alone then I will remain quiet. One day there will be none of us that are verbally expressing the corruption and believe it or not all this crap has finally went nation wide with cable as well as local and national news on how these pigs and their handlers are pressing for laws to stop all you sheep (citizens in your tracks.


Pull your heads out of your ASS!
Remember each law that is passed is for all the citizens and not for any of the higher up handlers of these thugs that wear badges. These laws are made to control you. Want to do drugs and harm no one, then prison you go for life. Want to wear your pants yhanging low off your ass? Well, now there is a law for this as well. Want to smoke in your car or even your house. Oh boy best not as your kids will be taken and given into a state ward or slave pen called boys camps or sold for whatever amount that they can get for your child depending on age.
Anything that you do will be costly for you and you will pay dearly as well. Able to yell and scream or become a lone wolf and do whatever is needed to show support for your fellow Americans then do it now as one day you will not be able to.
Make a phone call and ask this dish rag what the hell is his problem with filming bad storm troopers that want to rape and kill for thir gain or pleasure? Pass this onto otyhers around the world so he knows all of America is fed up with these thugs called Protect and Serve themselves.
(512) 463-0576 (214 ) 363-8700
If this old man can fight for years then you can to. Yes, I get into problems with these jerks. I had my family pet killed as a warning. Almost had a friend killed when they thought it was me. Had a false arrest made and they laughed about it until it came to court months later. You may have to fight these thugs wearing badges in their own system and I also filmed this crook myself. No filming of these street badge wearing thugs and then no evidence. This is what these bastards want.
After all now more people able to prove they did nothing but take the protection of citizens filming from yards away froma badge wearing thug will not put innocent people away as is done daily all the time.
Our system is set up to prove yourself innocent then we will release you on agreement that you not sue. This system places high bails on the poor as well as middle class now to keep you jailed until you make a plead that they will accept to release you. I seen many innocent people that never did a crime and held in jail or attend courts for years until they agreed to plead innocent to lesser charges in order to get back into society.
Yes, many people are still set up as I am many times in the past because of letting people know this is a montary system to steal all you have worked for.
I have seen patrol men sell drugs from their own patrol cars. I seen police collect fines on the spot so not to have to go to court and pay fines as well as court costs as well as community service. (Working for free so many hours or weeks).
Hear and see something wrong then report it to all! Call this JERK and let him understand we are fed up with his as well as other’s bull shit laws!
(512) 463-0576 (214 ) 363-8700


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