Was it murder or Suicide? Target Store Policy?

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‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2015
Honesty in America is not the best policy
Target has a policy in which if one commits and offense against the company one is made to do a walk of shame in which one is paraded around the co-workers and customers. There was an Autistic man named Graham Gentles who was accused of stealing from the store. When he arrived to work that day, he was placed in handcuffs, fired and made to do a walk of shame. There are some questions I have about this and here is certain facts I’m establishing based upon what I have read.
The article states that he was never charged with any theft. Why was this? More than likely there was no evidence against him. If there was evidence, why was he released without being charged?
If there was no evidence, then why did the arresting officer choose to arrest him? What made the arresting officer decide that a crime was committed?
If there was any evidence, what was the evidence that proved Graham Gentle’s guilt?
This is the mother’s memorial page for her son. https://www.facebook.com/GrahamAGentles This is very interesting. The corporate part of Target denies that there is a walk of shame policy.
The mother on her son’s memorial page made a post and I will quote the most pertinent part said “I have received PM from Philadelphia, Michigan, Texas, Chicago and many areas in California. Your words are helpful. I did not realize that the “Walk of Shame” happened in so many places.” What she is saying is other employees have come forward with her stories. Assuming she is telling the truth, does this mean that the Target Executives are lying? If they’re not lying then I have to question their competency to run the company. They’re either lying or they’re incompetent.
Graham committed suicide all because he was punished, shamed and fired for a crime in which there was no evidence for and in addition he had no chance to defend himself against said charges whatsoever. Shouldn’t the concept of innocence until proven guilty be applied in our society instead of it being given lip service? This makes me wonder, if they had no evidence and they knew they had no evidence what was the agenda? Was there a hidden agenda to get rid of Graham for some reason? If yes, what was it? Could they have wanted to get rid of him and found a way to do so? I have a gut feeling they did.
We teach our kids that honesty is always the best policy and it is said that our kids our narcissistic, spoiled, rotten, dishonest, etc. I guess honesty in America is not the best policy because it seems like the dishonest who play their cards right can still get ahead and so can those who entitled. Just look at some of our crooked Executives and politicians like Enron. This is what happens when one has business and hustling as our main and primary value. Can we actually listen to Dr. Morris Berman on “Why America Failed” please and prove him wrong? Nah, I doubt that will happen smile emoticon

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