How things have changed from 1970 to 2015? Have you even noticed or even care?

19 5

‎Friday, ‎March ‎20, ‎2015
Watch this citizen pull
over a cop and show him
what it’s like to be put
on the spot. Don’t try this in Arkansas.LMAO!

“Subject: Officer Safety—Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Please disseminate to OHP law enforcement personnel..Officer Safety Issue.

The Outlaws have declared war against the Iron Order MC. The Outlaws and Bandidos have been helping each other the last year, and in this recent incident the Bandidos were with the Outlaws when this proclamation was made. The importance to this in Oklahoma is the Iron Order has several police officers that are members and this may spread to other motorcycle clubs that are law enforcement strong. Oklahoma has a large Bandido population in the southern part of the state and the Outlaws have been in OKC, Ardmore, as well as SE Oklahoma and Tulsa. In the last 24 hours there have been incidents involving those clubs. Further, the Hells Angels (whom we have only a few known members in Oklahoma) have shot and killed 3 officers in recent weeks throughout the US.”

In addition, the alert mentions that the ATF “feels that this is a credible threat.”
More information can be had here.
For complete information on all clubs over the years, go here;
The “Difference Between High School in 1970 and 2015″ Couldn’t Be More Right;

scenario-1-470x269 scenario-2-470x214 scenario-3-470x264 scenario-4-470x300 scenario-5-470x187 scenario-6-470x311 scenario-7-470x307 scenario-8-470x261
Sadly, these scenarios, while kind of funny, or not that far off from reality, and just go to show how vastly different life in America is now, compared to back then.


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