There is not enough gold to represent the amount of paper money.


‎Wednesday, ‎March ‎25, ‎2015
Anonymous – The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary…

I try to help people everyday, I wish i could show this story to every person I see. We should all try to help people and stop just focusing on ourselves.
You’ll need to analyze his biography and mental disposition throughout his history rather than stories which have circulated through news media and communities. You won’t have to spend a month determining what is fabricated since you can safely assume that it’s all fabricated, with the exception of what can be seen and empirically verified within videos. Anonymous has nothing to do with hacking and all of these conspiracy stories are cover for illegal research you won’t find evidence of through any of these channels.
I wonder why the Country o Freedom is so afraid of 2 thousand fun-makers that they prepare for the event with and a squadron of special police force armed with sub-machine guns ?

Isn’t it possible that the ” freedom ” is only a mask on this state and a dictatorship hides behind it ?
The bank of England and Federal Reserve are not public/government entities. They are private corporations that loan out money that doesn’t exist to governments and then charge interest which we pay back in inflation and taxes.

How to enslave a nation? Either by the sword or by using debt.

We live in a debt based economy with nothing backing the IOU’s with pictures of evil people printed on them.

Money should be backed by gold. Paper fiat currency is meant to be an IOU for gold.

There is not enough gold to represent the amount of paper money.

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