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50% of homeless youth reported being sexually abused by a female:

‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎29, ‎2015
Why FEMINAZIS dont want you to READ this.
Sexual abuse and effects of boys by mothers:…/art…/pii/0145213489900343
94% of sexually abused youth in correctional facilities reported being abused by female staff:
50% of homeless youth reported being sexually abused by a female:
Women who sexually abuse children:…/BBC_Child_sexual_abuse_by
Female sexual abuse leads to perpetrators of abuse:
Long-term effects of child sexual abuse by female perpetrators:
30% of the countries which provided information on the gender of traffickers, women make up the largest proportion of traffickers:
Male victims of sex trafficking:…/Part…/6350524/story.html
Males representing 50% of trafficked children:
Feminists often claim that historically, it was acceptable for men to beat their wives – evidence shows the contrary:…/societys…
Historically, women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused:…/women-rarely-gave-a…/
Assaults by women on their spouses or male partners:
More married men are DV victims more than married women:…/20397-uk-more…
More men than women victims of intimate partner violence:…
Man as likely as women to be victim of abuse by partner:…/280450-men-as-likely-as-women-to…/
Women more violent than men:…/women-are-more-violent…
Women more likely to hit their partners:
Women more likely to be physically abusive than men:…/……/women-more-aggressive-partners-men…/Women-are-more-controlling…
Women perpetrate 70% of cases of non-reciprocal violence:…/10…/AJPH.2005.079020
Gender symmetry in interpersonal violence:
Gender symmetry in domestic violence:
Intimate partner and sexual violence against men:
Concealment and distortion of evidence on gender symmetry in partner violence:…/V74-gender-symmetry-with…
Controversy over domestic violence by women:
DV awareness, funding and services blocked:…/lawreview/downloads/304/kelly.pdf
Women safer in heterosexual relationships than lesbian/bisexual:…/first-federal-study-of…/
Partner Abuse in Ethnic Minority and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations:…/00000003/00000003/art00003
Men are more likely than women to be victims in dating violence:…
Female violence:…/the-surprising-truth…/
A closer look at men who sustain intimate terrorism by women (just as damaging):
US – Males are more likely to be murder victims (76.8%), drug-related homicides (90.5%), and gang-related homicides (94.6%):
Canada – similar rates:…/2010024/part-partie1-eng.htm
Girls leading in academics;…/why-boys-are-failing-in…
In a system where divorce court highly favors women, women initiate two-thirds of divorces:
– And women receive custody in 84% of child custody cases:
As many as 30% of those paying child support are not the biological father of the child being supported:
Estimating gender disparities in federal criminal cases:
Preferential prison treatment; show contact info womensprisonxml.html
Women’s buying power;,31813,2031700,00.html
Women control 88 percent of all purchases.Women handle 75 percent of family finances.43 percent of those with assets over $500,000 are women.
One out of every 11 women in America owns a business. Women influence two out of every three of the 3 trillion dollars spent in the U.S. each year.


Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center’s hotline plus many other’s …

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‎Tuesday, ‎April ‎28, ‎2015
Mental Health Help Lines, if your not able to get it!
37. Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center: 1-888-694-2273
If you’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder—or you have a hunch you or a loved one may be displaying symptoms of BPD—the social workers staffing the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center’s hotline can arm you with all the information you need about local resources and provide immediate over-the-phone counseling.

38. Crisis Call Center: 1-800-273-8255
Another 24-hour helpline, this crisis call center is free of charge, confidential, and geared toward providing support to anyone in emotional distress—whatever the reason. Pick up the phone when you need to talk or text “ANSWER” to 839863 to connect.

39. Disaster Distress Hotline: 1-800-985-5990
If you’ve recently been the victim of a disaster (whether caused by nature or man), this is your go-to contact for all things related to counseling and relief. The trained counselors staffing the Disaster Distress Hotline provide help to those suffering in the wake of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, droughts, and earthquakes as well as incidences of mass violence or health epidemics (like the Ebola crisis). The call center is also open to friends and family members of victims. An alternative way to connect: Text “TalkWithUs” to 66746.

40. GLBT National Help Line: 1-888-843-4564
Need to talk to someone who gets it when it comes to coming out, being bullied for your sexual orientation, or navigating same-sex relationships? Look no further than the GLBT National Help Line, run by peers and allies of the LGBTQ community. This hotline is ready to hear your concerns and can connect you to the GLBT National Help Center’s massive list of resources for LGBTQ-friendly services and organizations near you.

41. GLBT National Help Center for Youth: 1-800-246-7743
If you’re under 21 and looking to speak with a peer counselor who really understands issues related to gender or sexual identity, this is the number to call. Similar to the national help line, this version for youth lets young LGBTQ-identified individuals dial in to talk about hardships faced in their day-to-day lives. Callers can also access a ton of resources to help bolster them well into their 20s and beyond.

42. GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project: 1-800-832-1901
Domestic violence or sexual assault can happen to anyone. If it’s happened to you and you identify as LGBTQ, this hotline can help. It’s free and confidential and offers you the opportunity to speak with a counselor and to obtain information about safety plans, safe houses, legal resources, and additional crisis intervention options.

43. Hair Pullers Anonymous Nationwide Phone Meetings
Trichotillomania is a disorder involving compulsive pulling of the hair and can also be accompanied by obsessive skin picking. If you’re suffering from this behavioral issue, it can seriously help to speak with people who can relate and share coping mechanisms. Use the link above for an email that will give you access to the confidential telephone number and call times.

44. National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders: 1-800-931-2237
Need more info on eating disorders? Looking for treatment for yourself, a friend, or a loved one? ANAD’s national helpline is here for you. Whether you’re looking for immediate counseling or recommendations for treatment and support, this is the number to call. Folks who prefer to connect with a volunteer or counselor but aren’t in the mood to pick up the phone can take advantage of ANAD’s services via email.

45. National Crime Victim Helpline: 1-800-394-2255
If you’ve been the victim of any type of crime, this toll-free, confidential help line can connect you with the resources that best address your current situation—from directing you to specific counseling centers and resources to connecting you with legal advice. Whatever the crime, this hotline is a trustworthy first step in getting you the assistance you need, STAT.

46. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7223
Trained domestic violence advocates are available to help those trapped in dangerous home situations 24/7. To receive immediate counseling free of charge and gain access to local resources that can assist you in implementing a safety plan and seeking refuge, call The National Domestic Hotline’s toll-free number ASAP.

47. National Eating Disorder Association Helpline: 1-800-931-2237
Need some help figuring out where to go and who to turn to when dealing with an eating disorder (your own or someone else’s)? Call a trained NEDA representative at this hotline and they’ll hook you up with information about eating disorders, treatment options, and referrals.

48. National Organization for Victim Assistance: 1-800-879-6682
Whether you’re a victim or a witness to a crime (or even if you’re a criminal justice or mental health professional seeking services for a client), NOVA’s hotline can help you. Though the association doesn’t offer counseling, NOVA representatives can connect you within minutes to a counseling hotline that best fits your needs. They also provide information about crime and crisis recovery as well as referrals to victim advocacy.

49. National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
You don’t have to suffer in silence if you’ve been sexually assaulted. This hotline can offer counsel and link you to resources that can help you navigate this traumatic situation. The group’s website also hosts a free and confidential online chat, if that’s easier than picking up the phone.

50. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
With the primary aim of keeping you going even in the darkest of times, this suicide prevention hotline is available 24/7 to offer a compassionate ear—no matter what you’re dealing with. Pour your heart out to a skilled staffer without fear of being judged, and if you’d like referrals to local mental health care services after your call, hotline representatives can set you up.

51. Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous Nationwide Conference Call: 1-712-432-0075
Maybe you want to connect with others who can relate to the obsessions or compulsions that are weighing on you, but you can’t attend in-person meetings. That’s where this call center can step in. The conference call can help lift you out of isolation and link you up with peers who know exactly what you’re going through. Modeled after AA, OCA’s conference calls follow the basic format of a 12-step meeting. Visit the group’s website for times of calls and additional resources related to OCD.

52. Samaritan’s Crisis Hotline: 1-212-673-3000
Staffed by rigorously trained volunteers, this 24/7 suicide prevention hotline is free of charge and here to help by lending a compassionate, non-judgmental ear when you’re in crisis. This is the ideal resource for anyone who can’t afford therapy but desperately needs to talk and be heard. Call the Samaritans morning, noon, or night if you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or isolated and can’t turn to family and friends.

53. Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386
For LGBTQ youth who need help grappling with urges to self-harm or thoughts of suicide, this number can literally be a lifeline. Available free of charge and at all hours, this number is manned by a trained staffer ready to field your call and let you open up about whatever issues you’re facing. Not into phone calls? Text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200 to connect with a skilled support line responder.

Prisons the worst in world people wrongly accused, Gays in prison…

April 19, 2015

While some prisons are actually quite nice with televisions, work out rooms, ping pong tables, and hearty servings of food, there are numerous prisons (primarily in underdeveloped nations) that are very rightfully called “hell on Earth”. Of course, there are those of you who will say, the prisoners should have thought twice before committing a crime. Fair enough, but remember…most of the worst prisons in the world are not in democratic, fair trial countries. If you scroll down to number 1 we can guarantee you that a disproportionate number of people in that place are there for simply trying to put food on the table. Get ready because these are the 25 most brutal prisons in the world.
25 Most Brutal Prisons In The World…

Although the goal of every justice system is to provide fair and impartial judgements (ok, almost every justice system), more often than one would like to admit human nature runs its course. Either because of concealed evidence, people being framed, or corrupt law enforcement these 25 worst cases of people being wrongly accused should serve as a lesson to all of us.
25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongly Accused

Prison Life ★ GAYS IN PRISON ★ Documentary

US airstrikes are just making ISIS stronger.

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‎Sunday, ‎April ‎19, ‎2015
Basher al-Assad wants ISIS gone more than most, as the group sprung up against him in the first place. But this interview with Assad reveals that he knows US airstrikes are just making ISIS stronger. Threatening this group and, consequently, civilians, is leading to a higher recruitment number to ISIS, and essentially just throwing fuel on the fire. This strategy isn’t working, and it’s time we take that fact to heart.

Police State’s of the USA…

‎Thursday, ‎April ‎16, ‎2015
ANONYMOUS – Urgent Message to Americans [Islamic State]

Many stories in the past that you may have over looked and need to remind yourselfs as to how America became a Police State as well as a third world country. Everyone around the world just laughs at us because of a clown we have running this country. Did you notice that China as taken control now? I don’t thik so or you would be already sending that bum O in office his Pink Slip long ago! Enter anyone of the following in any search engine and read all that you have missed.

Blinded by laser-armed cops â scared yet?

4th Amendment fight from Virginia hits Capitol Hill

Cops use tank to pull over man who flipped bird

Cops pummeled during family brawl at Walmart

‘Stupid!’: Black activists ‘tussle’ on Fox News

Ben Carson: S.C. police shooting an ‘execution’

Lawsuit: Female attorney strapped up in court

Urban warfare training rattles Florida town

Resistance to militarized cops begins

Feds arrest family for ‘refusing to answer questions’

GOP lawmaker: Restrict citizens from recording cops

Chicago police ‘black site’ evokes shady history

Obama pressing for federal control of local police

Cops with ‘mental-illness training’ killed homeless man

LAPD under fire for killing ‘unarmed’ homeless man

Dad hits back after ‘false arrest’ at school meeting

No-knock police raid ends in blazing tragedy

Government monitoring every aspect of your life?

Cops confiscate reporter’s camera, firestorm follows

Trigger-happy cop zaps 76-year-old with Taser

Lou Gehrigs-type disease gets man 5 days on mental hold

It happens again! Toddler targeted by cops’ bomb

Man tells cops he’s uploading video of them, gets arrested

Open-carry advocate targeted in ‘swatting’

Constitutional fight launched over election of senators

Lawsuit: Ignorance of law no excuse for cops

No charges in ‘sloppy’ SWAT raid that maimed baby

Small-town America rebels against ‘police state’ arsenal

Mysterious private police force destroying legal pot

Government watching for ‘Americans with guns’

Military surplus? ‘Send it to border’

Americans told to assume Big Brother is watching

Ferguson puts focus on feds’ weapons handouts

Huckabee: Does Library of Congress need weapons?

Huckabee program to focus on U.S. as ‘Police State’

Police militarization catches eye of Congress

Militarized cops on display in Ferguson riots

Congressman on mission to disarm federal agencies

Are iris scanners on school buses necessary?

Obama quietly expands government’s ‘watchlist’

Top law-enforcement pro fights ‘warrior cop’ thinking

Video: Grinning cops sued for watching thieves walk away

Elderly vet arrested for asking officials to speak louder

Video: Cop pummels woman on highway median

Video: Cop goes ballistic on wheelchair-bound man

Top cop goes bonkers with ‘Bill O’Reilly’

Prove your innocence, keep your own property!

Obama can deploy military in U.S. for â ¦ the flu!

Sleeping toddler burned during SWAT raid

Anti-terror fund just ‘grandiose political statement’

Revealed: Obama policy to use military against citizens

Thousands of school-lunch pros blast Michelle’s rules

Tell Washington ‘Enough!’ with the spying

Feds’ biosurveillance to grab private medical records

‘Police State USA’ exposed on Coast to Coast AM

‘1984’ vision of police state becoming reality

Best and worst companies for Internet privacy

Fed-up citizens try to arrest own police chief

Congressman: Disband BLM, IRS ‘paramilitary’ teams

Supreme Court green lights detention of Americans

Ron Paul predicted BLM overreach 17 years ago

SWAT this! Teen latest victim in bizarre craze

‘Black Hawks flying around my condo’

Battle escalates over woman living off-grid

The 1 officer who stands between you and militarized police

Judge drops case against mom who refused to drug daughter

Court: Choose between constitutional rights

Regulators: Never mind $10,000 penalties

Pentagon giving ‘free’ armored trucks to police

Woman dragged to jail for using cell-phone feature

‘Trigger-happy’ cop kills disabled man’s service dog

Mere presence of gun prompts no-knock raid

Congress grants Obama ‘free rein for martial law’

NRA warning issued over attack on 2nd Amendment

Man awarded $1.6 million after cop butt probing

Does 2nd Amendment trump 4th Amendment?

Widow faces eviction for ‘living off the grid’

Cop shoots at minivan full of children

Cops use GPS cannon to track your car

3rd target of body cavity searches comes forward

Oh, no! Another case of crazy police butt-probing

Police Taser dad trying to save toddler from fire

Cops probe man’s [bleep] after stop-sign violation

Photo: Checkpoint cops point guns at motorists

Students protest ‘egregious’ NSA snooping

Cops brutalize family during traffic stop

Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?

GRAPHIC: Outrage erupts over cops killing dogs

Armed agents kill harmless baby deer in raid

License checkpoint? Not for this driver

Power-tripping cop has colorful history

Gun seizures trigger fear of massive police power

Video shock: Cop ‘power trips’ on innocent man

Cops sued for invading home, assaulting resident

Family dog to be killed for ‘nipping’ child

Gun owner targeted with ‘no-knock’ raid

Yes, NSA has content of phone calls, emails

Rand Paul: Orwell’s ‘1984’ has arrived

The growing militarization of U.S. police