Law? Get real there is no such thing as Law over anyone!


‎Thursday, ‎April ‎02, ‎2015
THE LAW… What Law?
Stephen discusses his years of study and how and why the court system has dis-honored it’s self. What you do not know can get you hurt, so learn now..The system we currently have is headed for Genocide of it’s own people if not stopped. But the good news is that it isn’t possible to take on the might of the American citizenry.

I suggest everyone listen to the above then also learn exactly what the meaning of Law is. These badge wearer’s are nothing more than private citizens hired by others to control you the citizen. There Law is not enforceable unless you agree to be a memeber of their Law goup by admitting or agreeing to their enclosed club rules.
Read about your own human rights, that were given to us all and we all know right from wrong. You pay fines, court costs? Why? After all there is no Law that states you have to. Read the Constitution and learn for yourself all the Law’s that these criminals really are breaking by enslaving you in their jails. Making you slaves because you believe private people have control over your being.
American’s are fed up, and that is why they are staring to fight back. No judge wearing a black skirt/robe has no power over you or has the right to say what is right or wrong! Only a jury of your peer’s has that right. Once a judge states he will now read the riles of Law to the jury. That Judge has broken the Law of the Constitution. No judge has the right to even be in a court room let alone tell a jury what is Law. Listen to the above and start fighting back against these hired thugs that are just that. HIRED THUGS WANTING CONTROL OVER YOU!

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