Executive Order No. 13603—Obama’s National Defense will enslave all Americans…


‎                                                      Saturday, ‎April ‎04, ‎2015
Executive Order No. 13603—Obama’s National Defense
President Obama and the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington care more about power, wealth and their own selfish desires than they do about our country and its citizens.
The Washington Establishment has created the worst recession since the Great Depression … cut $700 Billion from Medicare under Obamacare … destroyed our privacy rights by spying on every phone call, email and fax communication … endangered our Constitutional rights under the First, Second, Fourth, and other amendments…and much more. They’ve even threatened to nationalize whole industries by Executive Order alone.

And there’s something else. On Friday, March 16, 2012 America ceased being a Republic and became a dictatorship in one swipe of a pen. That dark day Obama committed the boldest assault on America since the Revolutionary War—while Americans weren’t looking.

Barack Hussein Obama quietly gave himself the power to impose Martial Law, bypassing both the Constitution and Congress through Executive Order.

Executive Order No. 13603Obama’s National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order—gives Barack Hussein Obama unprecedented power to bring about socialism in America and create a regime so powerful, so vile, it is Soviet-like in nature.

Martial Law can and will happen whenever he chooses. It may happen one fateful night while we sleep—he can manufacture a crisis to make it happen.

And when it does, we will find ourselves waking up to a complete police state and news that Obama has declared himself supreme dictator over all the land.
This Executive Order allows Obama to hijack our country, run roughshod over Congress and stick it to Patriots. It’s a frightening abuse of power that must be stopped! But, how and when? After were all trapped as well as in camps learning to obey as slaves to those in power. This is coming and all your children will learn to become good little slaves of the system. All you sheep best learn to become a Lone Wolf and start taking back America for us all.
This is a violent assault on our personal liberty, privacy rights and the rule-of-law. I’d like to give you a few examples of what this means to you, to me, our children, grandchildren and loved ones.

With the stroke of his pen Obama gave himself the power to:

✔   Bailout any person or company he wants
✔   Break existing labor contracts
✔   Cut back health care for citizens
✔   Fix food prices
✔   Force the production of electric cars
✔   Halt consumer production and replace it with government work
✔   Increase airfares
✔   Raise gas prices to any level
✔   Reduce our pay and dictate pay scales to employers

There’s so much more, too. Don’t you see? This is Obama’s communist utopia—the dreams of his father. Those dreams were meant to kill capitalism, create a society of “fair share” and income equality no matter whether or not you are deserving of it or whether you earned it. Patriots, this is oppression at its worst.
If you want to know what’s driving this madness just look to Obama’s shady past

Obama grew up with a deep-seated hatred of America and everything she stands for. His mentors were Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis—known extremists and terrorists. Think of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and his continued reverence to terrorists.
We’re up against a mighty force that’s bigger than all of us. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court handed down a decision in 1983 that states Congress cannot pass a law that rescinds a Presidential Executive Order, we can still stop Obama’s plan to takeover America and fundamentally transform our country into a socialist state.

There is another way for Congress to crush this thing

Congress can vote to refuse Obama the money to implement his diabolical plan and fulfill his desire for complete and utter tyranny.
There’s no time to waste. Anti-Americans in the Middle East and Latin America are getting ready to pour into our country in droves, run rampant and lawlessly through our backyards.

I have watched in shock and disgust as Obama has decimated our military—taken out the highest ranking generals and officers, drastically cut their pay, benefits and the Pentagon budget.

He’s replacing our military’s finest with his own loyalists—those who plan to pry our guns from our cold dead hands. With his actions in his second term he has indeed weakened America and is purposefully making us vulnerable to attack.

He’s conducting psychological warfare on US citizens and our military as he demoralizes and degrades them, leading society into thinking the situation is so overwhelming we just tune out—and many are doing just that.

It is up to us—you and me—true red-blooded Americans—to unite and let our voices ring out loud and clear. Obama already has the support of elites in the boardrooms and union shops, within activist groups and on Wall Street. They’re ready to seize control and strip our country of any remaining assets.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that as Patriots we band together, rise up and push back with all our might…fight like never before.
What do you think there building all these camps for around the different states? Wake up become a Lone Wolf and do your share to save America for your children and grand children. We all know what will happen if were enslaved by this Obam Government. Wake up sheep!


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