Friends listed on Facebook, Please delete or Block my page if don’t like what I write!

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‎Saturday, ‎April ‎04, ‎2015
The friends listed on the Facebook page as listed. Please if your on this list and don’t like what I post would you be so kind and BLOCK yourself. This crying to the powers to be are nothing more than bullshit to me. I will never change as to what I say or do! I am almost 69 years old and like hell will I stop telling people the TRUTH because they have the power to BLOCK me. Wow, 72 hours and next time will be for good. Oh gee’s I am so scared and guess what in those 72 hours I still posted over ten stories of TRUTH on many other sites. Many sites that have been under control along with Facebook, have been closede as well as went out of business as Facebook soon will also.
Hell, the internet will probably be closed in time since Russia wants to go to war over our bullshit of killing innocent people anyways.
Until then please BLOCK yourself as I could care if I call you anything that bothers you. Can’t take the TRUTH then Block and you’ll never see or read or hear anything about your stupid pea brain shitty religion, race, standard of living or if a coward and afraid to face the TRUTH. If your white, then your what I think of you same as any other color. Married or not gay bi or whatever. Who gives a shit. Get over it and BLOCK this page you sheep! You so called Christians, you baby rapers and women beaters. All you scum that likes to call on thugs that you feel have power are nothing more than paid thugs and do as asked for money. I say as well as well as do what I want, when I want as long as it doesn’t harm another person. But, my freedom of expression or speech is never going to be held down in order to not to offend what I believe is wrong. I will never give up my 1st amendment rights or any of my rights to no thug no matter who they are. If you wish to do so, then by all means do so, as your what’s wrong with this world as well as America. Your slaves to your thugs that pay you not to work for your spineless future. Good thing that the human life is so short. But, I will defend myself at all costs and have since I was able to learn the TRUTH of the thugs running the states as well as the corrupt government!


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