April 5, 2015 Happy Easter kiddies, I ate the damn rabbit, it was great!

19  2 Navy

‎Sunday, ‎April ‎05, ‎2015
Why not address it I did, after all it seems that I am mind fooling type of old man. Watch and listen to the videos in which I also have given to the Sheriff’s dept. Will anything be done, of course not after all nothing can be done until after the asshole does as he stated in the video, and even then how will it be proven. Ah by another video? I have just so many cameras running and there not all set for the right time or at the right place most of the time. But, even camera’s can do so much.
Started out with this knuckle head Anthony Gonzales being kicked out of his girl friends dad’s house. This jerk had no place to go two weeks ago and agreed to pay rent when he gets paid from his job. Job? Right, well come a day later he no goes to work, and I was already a bit suspicious because he’s not ever been known able to tell the truth. Always someone else’s that is the problem starter. But, he was terminated for being sick so much, yea, a kind of guy that is a bully and wants to do things when he wants to even if someone else is paying him. He goes though more jobs than anyone I have ever seen. Of course no rent, but I forewarned him as I do everyone that wants a ride to or from the local area, it will be ten dollars for the drive plus includes my time as well as the gas. Hell, a damn good deal for ten bucks as a cab would be thirty from where I live. Besides I don’t like to drive and at 68 years old just not interested in going any place if I can be laying around in bed and watching a good show or even the news.
Well, here it is two weeks today that this jerk Anthony has stayed here and promises galore from here that he will help with this and that. Almost had him fixing the roof that leaked agin and he gave up after learning someone on SSI was being paid, so nope roof not fixed. But, he did have a many hang overs the past two weeks from drinking as if he was retired like me. lol
Well, since it’s Easter Anthony comes in and states I feel bad that I didn’t get my daughter anything for Easter. Yes, and I said yup, instead of drinking you should have spent a little on your kid. He was after me to loan money but with owning $240.00 already not to mention $120.00 from a few years ago. Plus last Saturday $10.00 would be paid for ride to see his daughter and a friend named Ron or Ronnie. Why, not after all wanted to get my lunch anyways, and of course no money.
After an hour talking to his old lady and comes back saying his wife/girlfriend won’t let me see my daughter today. So, what’s that got to do with me. After all I’mm in my room and bothering no one so of course they all come to this old man’s room to begin a conversation and they all know I could care less! So, Anthony comes back into my room and states I have five dollars. Ok, so what. Well, I need a ride to the Red Mule, and I can’t afford money for the ride. It’s Eater so I will pay you but I need to buy cigarettes. Ok, just you and not Ricky. Yes was the reply.
Ok by 9 Am, as I have to finish what I was doing on the computer. Playing a Facebook game, I lost always do. Anyway went out to the car, and started it and Anthony comes out of Ricks room and then gets in. I start to leave and he said no wait. I said this is free, Rick has money and not going without paying. He states that I will pay then, no Rick can pay as I am tired of being used by you guys. Anyway Rick gets in the back seat and I tell him ten dollars while driving out of the driveway. Rick states no way, Anthony is paying. Almost to Pea Ridge and were still fighting over this ten dollar ride. Pull into the ATM at the bank in Pea Ridge and let Rick off, to draw money out. Then back up and I leave Rick at the ATM. Go around to the other side of the bank, then Anthony said you can’t leave Rick here. Yes, I can I say as he wants a ride and has the money and won’t pay for a ride. The rest you can hear on the video.
I went ahead and drove everyone to the Sheriff’s department. Why? Well, threatened to be beat up as well as another member of the household also going to be beat up plus my house was going to be damaged to the point that I could never afford to repair it again. Now whjy would I want to take a firecracker like that back to my house? Not a word said while driving bye the exit of TucksChappel road exit. Then half way into Bentoville towards the Sheriff’s office, Anthony states where are you going. I say, you’ll see soon enough. Pulled into the sheriff’s department area, and go into the dispatch and tell them I wish to make a complaint against someone that has threatened my life as well as property. Now this will awaken may of you as to what takes place.
Dispatch lady nice and friendly states there is no one here, but here’s a phone number for a deputy to be called and they can take a report. Even after explaining the situation I said I need to do something after all he also made threats against another residence at that address. Sorry, must make a call as no one here at this jail can help you. Make call, and the person states that until the crime is committed, there is nothing that we can do. I then say ok, I have proof on tape, will that do. I will sent someone out. Where are you. I am in front of the sheriff’s department office. Will you be staying there? Yes, after all I don’t want to put another person’s life in danger let alone have my property destroyed.
In the meantime I go back to my car after thirty minutes and wait as Anthony left my car as if knowing something was up. Even if civil still didn’t stay around to see what was happening. Rick stated he called a friend or someone to come and pick him up at Casey’s store on Hudson road, in Bentonville. Finally and hour later I see this black sheriff van headed my way, so meet the two deputies and explain everything and he suggests that I go on back home and they will follow me and take the report from there. After all the video needed has to be downloaded and then backed up to disk for them to have a copy.
We come home and meanwhile I sign a short statement as well as download the files the sheriff’s office needs. Yes, Anthony as well as others know about this recording device and told not to say anything that may cause them trouble as when I get in the mood I will upload the contents every so often. This is something like what the police use, but my is set up to loop but even then with 8k is a long time till it loops, so nothing is lost!
As I said there is never a day that this old man gets any peace and looks like only way is to wait until someone like this nut case or another does get away with doing me in. lol Oh well, just remember if no proof then sorry wait until the crime is done. Of course someone will be dead probably then and the dead can never talk. Happy Easter!


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