Cop shoots fifty year old man in back! Over child support. Citizen camera shows cop lied!


At this time the police unions are wanting to outlaw citizens filming police in their work because it is disturbing as well as interfering and whatever else they think of to make it a law to take your camera as well as place you in prison for life as a slave for the system.

The following should show how police have been getting away with murder for years and why you should fight back at all costs. Life is short enough without bad crooked and lying badge wearing thugs killing just because they do not like you for whatever reason.

The citizen their self also held this video for three days before allowing it to given to someone that would not tell where they received it. This is how bad things have gotten to where citizens wanting to show the wrongs but fear arrest even if they did nothing what so ever wrong. We have all seen these thugs lie, beat, break camera’s as well as arrest people yards away for recording and not even close to the stops. But, this should show you how the police are still showing their power trips to kill even as a warning to thousands of others reading this now.

Don’t allow these badge wearing thugs to make you an innocent bystander wanting true American justice frighten you out of the truth. Life is short for all of the bad badge wearer’s as it is for those that are not granted that extra power of control. Don’t allow any more innocent people to be come slaves of your state because of the liar’s wearing those badges. Once we all learn to fight back then will America once again become a strong and respected nation. As you have seen the national news has finally shown these thugs as I stated would happen years ago. Now, there not only watching there also investigating many past arrests and innocent people are getting out after years of being innocent.

Judges work for the state as the police works for the courts. Jails starting to raise bail to the outer limits so poor can never get out unless they accept a plea of lesser offence even if not guilty.This has and still goes on today in all states! It must be stopped. Judges have no right to tell jurors what they can or can not use while deciding the guilt or innocents of a person. In fact a judge is never to judge anyone what so ever under the United States Constitution! Read up on your legal rights as well as enforce them after all they may kill your family dog and even close friends to warn you because of one reason or another like being a fighter from wars past. No telling why they do what they do. Just remember we all have a limited life on this earth. Don’t allow another human such as yourself make it very limited without fighting back!

All these so called powers to be with money or no money even are no better than you as they also were born into this world as a free spirit as you were. It’s your life to do right. You have the right to destroy your own body if you are that dumb to do so. No human has the right to tell you not to as long as you also don’t tell them what is wrong. We all know right from wrong. The wrongs will pay, but make it a legal wrong and not a death wrong by a badge wearer because they can lie about any situation and get away with it as this cop did for three days. Trouble is we now have cell phones with camera’s and there wanting to make you a slave for using them against them. FIGHT!

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