The United States is becoming a Muslin Country with the end of Christian Nation ending very soon!

‎Thursday, ‎April ‎09, ‎2015
How will America become a Muslim country! It already is dumb ass!
First here’s a little back ground that many people would never know unless they did some research here on the FREE Internet.

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World Relief’s Refugee Resettlement began in 1975 when Grady and Evelyn Mangham approached the State Department to see if their denomination, the Christian Missionary Alliance, could assist with resettling refugees. In 1978, when the world was witnessing the mass exit of Vietnamese people, the State Department reached out to Grady & the C&MA for help. He soon realized resettlement would require the coordinated efforts of more than one organization. In 1979, The National Association of Evangelicals directed Grady to World Relief. Grady and Evelyn worked with World Relief to develop a resettlement process, a network of partner churches and a loan repayment system. They aimed to settle one thousand refugees in the first year, but accomplished this goal in only six months.

When the Manghams retired in 1987, World Relief’s refugee resettlement program was firmly in place. It began in the Mangham’s small home, and has since expanded to 23 offices across the United States. In the past 35 years, World Relief has resettled over 250 thousand refugees from more than 80 nations. Despite change and growth within the program, one thing has remained the same: World Relief is committed to welcoming some of the world’s most vulnerable to a new life, steeped in opportunity, community and the love of Jesus Christ.
Yes, now are you ready for the real information as to how America has become a melting pot. But, the real truth of the matter how America will no longer be a Christian nation. This is not easy what so ever to write. After all at close to 69 years of age, it’s really discussing to have to wake American’s up from being asleep all these years and wanting to blame everyone but themselves for the actions of helping kill this nation. What has become of the murdering Christians is that they never knew what they were doing in order to kill a once Christian Nation!.
Your support in The World Relief Program is connected to many different Christian religions across the United States as the World. But, of course all for good right? Wrong! You foolish sheep!
Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their home country and who are unable to return because they are at risk for persecution due to race, nationality, religion or membership in a political social group or political opinion. As of 2012, the UNHCR reports that there are nearly 10.5 million refugees in the world. The U.S. has a strong commitment to refugee protection and resettles tens of thousands of refugees every year. While starting a new life in the U.S. is challenging, refugees receive immense support and assistance.

World Relief works in partnership with the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and the Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide initial resettlement and placement as well as employment, youth, education and legal services to refugees entering the U.S. World Relief also collaborates with the local Church and community members to come alongside vulnerable families as they begin their new lives. Over the past 35 years, World Relief has resettled over 250 thousand refugees from more than 80 nations.
Strange when there’s only 300 hundred million people just in the United States along and that is those born as I write this.
United States: Welcoming the Stranger
Every year, World Relief staff and volunteers help thousands of refugees – victims of war and persecution – replant their lives in the United States. With 23 offices across the U.S., World Relief is the biggest evangelical refugee resettlement agency in America.

Our staff and volunteers come alongside America’s newcomers, helping them adjust to the culture, find employment, learn English, take steps towards citizenship and build a future for themselves and their children. California Modesto Sacramento Garden Grove Florida Jacksonville Miami Tampa Georgia Atlanta Idaho Boise Illinois Aurora Chicago DuPage Moline Minnesota Minneapolis-St. Paul North Carolina High Point Durham Ohio Columbus Tennessee Memphis Nashville Texas Fort Worth Washington Tri-Cities Seattle (Kent) Spokane Wisconsin Fox Valley Maryland Anne Arundel Baltimore,. Unless the U.S. secures the support of our Muslim allies worldwide, the U.S. will have no hope of ever defeating Radical Islamic Terrorism that is spreading worldwide like wildfire, and will never be able to properly deal with Iran. Iran is the most dangerous sponsors of terrorists in the world, and is bent on obtaining nuclear weapons to attack the US, Israel, and threaten our allies in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.
In 2008, there were 1,349,000 Muslims in the United States, in 2012 because of Obama’s radical immigration policies, there numbers increased to 2.6 million, and because of Obama’s very aggressive immigration policies in support of only Muslim immigrants since 2012, the US Immigration Service has processed massive new numbers of Muslims from throughout the world. Their numbers have grown by 67%; to what is now estimated to be 7 million Muslims residing in the United States. The numbers Muslim immigrants will keep increasing asymmetrically by many more millions over the next 2 years, because Obama is driving this massive resettlement of “only” Muslim Immigrants in the UN Resettlement Program.
Greek Catholic sources have said more than 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christians are among the refugees driven from their homes by ISIL or ISIS and Al Q’ieda Radical Islamic Terrorists, but neither the UN nor Obama have shown any willingness to resettle Christians refugees in the US. The Obama administration has resisted the acceptance of Christian refugees, and is only aggressively pushing the acceptance of Muslim refugees from the UN Resettlement Program. Muslim immigrants who haven’t had their backgrounds properly investigated pose a much greater risk to the Nation Security interests of the US, than Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees who would pose very little or no risk. The Christians have been crucified, beheaded, shot, and buried alive by Radical Islamic Terrorists in a genocide that has been underway for 6 years. The UN is excluding Christians from their UN Resettlement Programs according to Greek Catholic sources; if that continues, all funding for the UN should be abruptly terminated by the US Congress. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States.
Obama’s violation of Federal Immigration Laws, over the past 6 years, continues to pose a very serious National Security threat to the Republic and has created a real and present danger to the lives of millions of American citizens. One of the goals of the Republic’s immigration policies should be to protect the nation from the types of Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks that have occurred in Paris, Nigeria, India, Syria, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Bahrein, England, the Philippines, United States, Yemen, Israel, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Unfortunately the 6 million Muslim immigrants only pose a major security threat to the United States, because their backgrounds have never been investigated in depth by qualified Intelligent Analysts to determine if they had possible ties to Al Q’ieda, ISIL Iranian Terrorists, and other Radical Islamic Terrorists. Oh and what did we do in Yemen? Well, it is taken over of course now! Who’s help was this the UN with Obama’s pen of over ruling the Congress on everything that should have been set before Congress and the senate@!
the U.S. government has been the most active of all nations in accepting Islamic refugees from other war-torn countries, such as Iraq, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now, the Syrians will be added to the mix. They are cleared for refugee status by the U.N. high commissioner on refugees (UNHCR), who assigns them to various countries. Once granted refugee status by the U.N. they are screened by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for any ties to terrorist organizations.

The State Department announcement makes it clear that the 9,000 refugees represent just the beginning of an extended program to accept more Syrians.

“The United States accepts the majority of all UNHCR referrals from around the world. Last year, we reached our goal of resettling nearly 70,000 refugees from nearly 70 countries. And we plan to lead in resettling Syrians as well,” the statement reads. “We are reviewing some 9,000 recent UNHCR referrals from Syria. We are receiving roughly a thousand new ones each month, and we expect admissions from Syria to surge in 2015 and beyond.”

The United States, with its commitment to accepting 70,000 displaced people a year, absorbs more refugees than all other countries combined. This number is understated, however, as once refugees get to the United States they are placed on a fast track to citizenship and are able to get their extended families to join them in the states under the government’s Refuge Family Reunification program. The State Department works to place refugees in 180 cities across 49 states. Click and see for yourself what states. All but one state accepting muslin’s. The Christians best change their religions as in every country that has done what the UN requested, (Ordered!).
Click here to view the database containing all 180 cities accepting U.N. refugees for resettlement.

Despite the large numbers, the U.S. has come under criticism from aid groups for its pace in taking in refugees from the Syrian war, which is by far the largest refugee crisis of recent years, reported Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch.
But, this is enough research for now, after all you’ve been told for years that the fall of America was coming and it is close at hand. But, once the internet, power gride is taken down, then there will no longer be forth coming information as the powers to be wish to come to the end for all of America as well as many other countries. But, when and how is the only question before the fall!

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