Anonymous is pissed at the boys in blue..Now the world is in the know and here it goes!

      28  +++9 ===WAR!
Oh boy, wasn’t bad enough hitting CNN and the big time news media and you continue to murder innocent people and their pet dogs as well. Guess what when you awaken this bunch of people, your all really in deep shit now. Hopefully they will start with my prime suspects like Yuba County, Marysville in California and sure don’t want to leave out Sutter county with their cops dealing from the patrol cars even. Now let’s not forget good old Bentonville county jail, rogers, bentonville and above all Belle Vista police that likes to hire killers and continue to allow them to become chief of police in another town all in Arkansas. Of course so much more a lot worst than those I have mentioned over ten plus years now and at lease a warning has finally been issued. People standing together against corruption finally everyone has been notified that I have complaints for. Wish to read the stories and even latest of family dog killed as a warning as well as an eleven veteran crook-er cop jailing me for nothing what so ever. Everything under lewis1946 in a search engine or even all these places; Google share, Facebook, friends feed historious blogger delicious LinkedIn tumble bloggy. Of course many have drowned from not having users because of their wanting power to control as Facebook’s Mark is headed for next. But, this about all the police badge wearers, to get and find a job that doesn’t let you abuse and kill because your a criminal and able to get away with it now. This country as well as all countries citizens as you wish to say are mad as hell and fed up. You have now brought attention to yourself s from the wrong group of people. I wish them full steam ahead and do whatever they feel need to be done to stop using innocent people as slaves for their prisons even in kids prisons! May the Almighty be with all those taking up the fight against those men/women that are bad wearing badges and not fulfilling their duties as sworn to under oath. Police do not have the right to lie, even if there allowed to, as they say to catch criminals. We have seen how many innocent people you have killed, maimed hurt because of your bully tactics. Go ANONYMOUS taking up the Code blue 2015 fight!

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