Arkansas Gay vs Christians —

‎Saturday, ‎April ‎11, ‎2015
Gallups notes: “The sixth trumpet vision (found in Revelation 9:13-21) speaks of a great war, bigger than anything the world has seen to date. The prophecy declares that this war will take place in the area of the Euphrates River – in the veritable heart of the Middle East. Bible students sometimes refer to the war of the sixth trumpet vision as The Coming World War III.
It’s no longer news that “gay”-friendly bakeries and Christian-owned bakeries are held to different legal standards.
The LGBT outrage that followed forced lawmakers and the governor to backtrack and install special protections specifically for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in state law, instead of protections for religious business operators.


The same thing happened in Arkansas, except the demands from “gay” activists came before the law was signed, so it was changed at that point.

The video reveals Feuerstein asking for a sheet cake with the words, “We do not support gay marriage.”

The respondent at the bakery said the bakery would refuse to do it.

“Here is our point. A Christian making a homosexual cake with ‘Support Gay Marriage’ goes against his faith, and a homosexual putting ‘Gay Marriage Is Wrong’ goes against his faith as well,”
“Now of course we honor their right to say no; this is not the issue, but what about honoring the Christian’s right to also say no?”
We, the people do not, and will not accept the blatant hypocrisy of the homosexuals and lesbians. What the homosexual and lesbian owned bakeries have done-made the legal case that not agreeing with another’s belief system is not discriminatory, and every American has that right. The pursuit of criminal charges against the non-homosexual and non-lesbians are frivolous and an attempt at subverting law meant for society’s protection and piece of mind. Subversion is a crime.
I have had it “up to here” with all the ridiculous gyrations and contortions we are supposed to go through in order to guarantee special rights to one group of people or another (the “protected classes”). That is unconstitutional, and just plain un-American. If I don’t like how a business treats me, I don’t do business with it, and I feel very free to warn others about my negative experience with that entity. I don’t whine on YouTube, and I don’t file a lawsuit. I personally wouldn’t be dumb enough to choose a “gay” business of any kind to promote an anti-sin message; I would use a Christian business, or at least one that didn’t have open compunctions about the message.
The gays want society to agree that it’s perfectly normal and natural for a man to have his dumper filled by another man, and it’s perfectly normal and natural for a man to eat another man’s prong, and if you don’t agree then there’s something wrong with YOU. Try and visualize Barney Frank stuffing his sausage up Elton John’s kazoo and then tell me that looks normal and natural. Bow just saying.

After all who knows if never tried?

Why can’t we all just get along?

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