Russia can, but Washington can’t? Why not? What’s going on?

‎Tuesday, ‎April ‎14, ‎2015
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Today is a year, one year since Nigerian girls’ abduction.
People worldwide are marking one year since Boko Haram militants abducted nearly 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria, sparking global outrage.

The girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, in the northeast of the country, leading millions around the world to call for their return as the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag exploded on social media.
US-backed Saudi forces Committing War Crimes in Yemen – action is needed.
We live in a world where all currencies are “fiat”, none backed by gold, silver, oil or anything else. Yes of course the dollar, otherwise known as the “petrodollar” has functioned and survived (so far) based on oil revenues being recycled back into U.S. Treasury bonds, but this has been changing over recent years. The change has accelerated greatly over the last five years. This era of “fiat” everywhere and real money nowhere is now 44 years long in the tooth and the very first time in human history there was no alternative currency with a real foundation.

Before you tell me “the U.S. is the most powerful military nation in the world, we don’t need no stinkin’ backing”, think this through. Though for a time, this “arrangement” worked and no one could stand up to the U.S., is this still true? Can we impose our will with everyone and everywhere on the planet? Or has our military technology been leapfrogged as evidenced by the USS Donald Cook last year? Can’t countries just decide to do business with each other …at the exclusion of the U.S. and use their own currencies to settle? Isn’t this what has begun to happen with China and other nations doing individual trade deals? Countries’ trade moving away from the U.S. and away from using dollars is as simple as grade school kids gravitating away from the schoolyard bully and deciding to play in harmony amongst themselves.

This 44 year old experiment has always needed “confidence” to exist. At first it worked because the U.S. was not over indebted and had plenty of room to lever up or “reflate” if you will. We still had plenty of untapped or unencumbered collateral left to borrow against, this is no longer so. Once the 2nd Great Depression kicked off in 2007, the Treasury started to run trillion dollar deficits and have now doubled our indebtedness. The Federal Reserve has more than quadrupled their balance sheet to well over $4 trillion that sits on the head of an equity needle of less than $70 billion, they are THE largest and most leveraged hedge fund in the world! The monetary lunacy by no means is confined to the U.S., it spans the globe and is practiced everywhere. Europe and Japan’s central banks have done the same, so has China to some extent but with a couple of large caveats.

In order to have monetary confidence, there are two prime necessities, collateral and credibility. In other words, who wants to do business with a bankrupt or someone who cheats or lies? Any business partner or someone you will do business with must be both solvent and truthful, neither of these conditions still exist in the big three monetary nations of the West. Each and every year since 2011 we have been told the Federal Reserve would end QE, begin to tighten and thus normalize interest rates. As I have written several times before, the Fed cannot ever raise interest rates again, this would destroy derivatives, the economy, the Fed’s own balance sheet and create a situation where tax revenues would not be enough to pay the interest on federal debt. Raising rates is not an option. Unfortunately, it is the same situation in both Europe and Japan, they have no options left either . Japan began a very outsized QE operation last year while the ECB began theirs just two months ago.

Both of these central banks are running into the same problem the Fed did, namely they are and have already taken too much collateral out of the system. “Collateral” is what underlies the shadow banking system’s ability to lend, without it credit dries up. It is so bad in Japan that the BOJ is buying more treasuries than are even issued. Not only are they at 100% monetization, they are beyond this. In Europe, the situation is so bad that market participants don’t expect a tightening until 2020, (we’ll never get there). This is the reason for the euro’s recent marked weakness, the realization of how poor business really is and the lack of any options available.
USA’s Kappa Alpha Order will present a film screening of “The Hunting Ground” at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 22 in the Student Center Ballroom. This film shows a startling expose’ of sexual assault on campuses around the country, institutional cover ups and how it affects the victims and their families.

For more information about the film, visit

The film is being screened in conjunction with USA’s Violence Prevention Awareness Month Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign.

“The gentleman of Kappa Alpha Order hope this film brings the University community together in order to push the conversation and collective action further than ever before,” said Dr. Nick Gossett, faculty advisor for Kappa Alpha Order.

Social media campaigns will be held the following days:

April 13-17, “Know Your IX,” visit
April 20-2413-17, “It’s On Us,” Take the pledge at
April 27-May 1, “Make Your Move,” MakeYourMoveMissoula
The “Clothesline Project” serves to address the issue of violence against women. The campus community and general public are invited to decorate a shirt to be displayed in the Student Center. The shirt creation opportunities:

April 17, 7 p.m.-Jags After Dark, Student Center
April 20, 5 p.m.-New Hall Lobby
April 21, 10 a.m.- Student Center Mall
Here are additional Sexual Assault Awareness events:

April 18, 8 a.m.-until, “Kicking out Sexual Violence” kickball tournament to be held at Sage Park, 2900 Dauphin Street, Mobile. Participants should form a team to help raise money for the Rape Crisis Center of Mobile. For more details and to register, call (251) 431-5100 or email Shawna Mayo at This event is presented by the Rape Crisis Center of Mobile.
April 21, noon-“Walk Out to End Violence” event will begin in front of the Student Center. Participants will bring their Clothesline Project shirt and walk for 30 minutes on campus to raise awareness to end the violence. The shirts will then be displayed at the Student Center at the end of the walk. For more details for disability accommodations, please call (251) 460-7144.
April 22, 8 p.m.- the film, “The Hunting Ground,” will be screened in the Student Center Ballroom. This film shows a startling expose’ of sexual assault on U.S. campuses. This film comes from the Academy Award-nominated film making team behind “The Invisible War.” “The Hunting Ground” has power to fuel the movement to end campus assault. This event is sponsored by USA’s Kappa Alpha Order.
The USA Sexual Assault Month events are sponsored by the USA Violence Prevention Alliance, Student Center, Jaguar Productions, USA Housing and Dining, the Rape Crisis Center of Mobile, Kappa Alpha Order and The Prowl.
Over a 150 U.S. citizens flee the warzone in Yemen – but thousands more remain trapped, with Washington so far unable to launch a rescue mission. While diplomats seek a long-term peace deal for eastern Ukraine, we report on the humantarian crisis left by a year of conflict. Interpreters who worked for the British army in Afghanistan say they are living under constant threat from the Taliban – with just a small fraction of them granted asylum in the UK.
Two Russian planes have evacuated over 300 people, including Russians and foreign citizens from Yemen, as thousands of foreign nationals are struggling to leave the conflict-ridden country.

Two planes flew out of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, with each aircraft carrying about 150 passengers. The airplanes are firstly heading to Cairo, before carrying onto Moscow, which will be their final destination, RT’s Paula Slier reports. One of the planes has already touched down in the Egyptian capital and is already bound for Moscow.

“The entire journey took around 13 hours in total,” Slier said, who was aboard one of the planes with those being evacuated. “It was a very organized evacuation. People have come from early in the morning, in fact, some of them were waiting since yesterday.”

While on board, Paula Slier spoke to some of the people fleeing Yemen. An Italian national told her that he had not been able to leave his hotel for the past two weeks.

Another American who was rescued, said his countrymen, who are trapped inside Yemen, feel “they are being treated as second-class citizens” because Washington refuses to send US-sponsored air flights into the country. He said it was “a shame”, adding that it was “qute ironic” that they were rescued by Russian planes.
Russia can, but Washington can not? Makes you wonder now doesn’t it?


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