California is one of the worlds greatest natural breadbaskets

‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎15, ‎2015
In the late nineteenth century, the US government began subsidizing the water supply for farmers in California because they wanted more and more people to spread out in the West.

Fast-forward about 150 years, and California is now facing a water crises which has led to the governor to issue a mandate to reduce water consumption by 25%.

The problem? Agriculture is the main culprit of water consumption, and there’s a big bureaucratic/tax payer funded complex that is the main contributor to the water crises.

This issue isn’t due to climate change. This is due to our unintelligent distribution of resources as a nation, and it has been going on a long time.

The only thing that I have left is the truth. We would have people who hurt other people for a short time. We would need police & courts. But soon people would lose their need & ability to harm others. Humanity will become an advanced race. Lose its need for church, state & even lose the need for money. Then the ET’s will no longer fear how we will react to them showing themselves & we can learn even more advanced knowledge from other advanced races. Some say us in the future. Everybody falls in love with physics, art & beautiful happiness is all that we can have forever. All that I can tell you is the truth. We will need governments for just a short time & the humanity evolves. That is the reaction of liberty on a long overdue species. You wont find me agreeing with many others. That is all that I have to say to you. what people forget is that when a region exports a product, it is exporting labor and water. These are averages;

One gallon of milk requires 4 gallons of water
One chicken requires 400 gallons from egg to slaughter
One almond requires 12 gallons of water
One large bag of fast food fries requires 6 gallons
One orange requires 13 gallons
one watermelon requires 100 gallons, and on and on….

Since California is one of the worlds greatest natural breadbaskets, it is no surprise water required is massive, corporate farming development has created a global AG resource but without sensible managed development of water resources. The drought has placed greater strain on a system borne out of corporate and political water politics.
Much of southern California is semi-arid in its natural state. Over the last decades there has been great strides to develop this land into farming and residential development, but nature will always try to revert to its natural state again, politics be damned. A couple years of drought will force recognition and reverting back to its Natural state of this regardless how anyone “feels” about it.
The aquafiers being used today are far deeper than previously tapped…this is water that has been stored for thousands or years or longer..there is 20-22 years of water resources available for California during typical rainy season…in drought conditions there is less than 8 years of water resources left.
Enjoy whats left, once its gone there is only what falls from the heavens.

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