Money credit owe and never make it to end of month any more. Do you?


‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎15, ‎2015
How are you doing America? I am talking to all that read my stuff!
I had another major problem, hell when don’t I have a major problem, but started to think hey am I the only one that can see what the hell is happening to this ONCE great country? No, I was sitting at Volkswagon getting some call up repairs done to my Jet-ta. Then as always talked to some young man as to what type of car he had and so on. Then as I always need to do, went into my rants as to what his view on the coming fall of America or what he thinks of getting retirement such as I am now.
This young man gave me so much to hope for after speaking to him as well as a college graduate and doing well for himself at his young age. Just wonders if he will be able to save for his retirement after all he already knows there will be no such thing for when he is older. already planning and still has doubts because way to many people not working or getting jobs thta pay anything for a family to even save for the future. Anyway, his Jet-ta was done and I so wanted to hear so much more as to what he planned to do. But, from what I could make out, he wasn’t going to let this government run as it is. Young people are going to take control and set things right before the major fall. Oh how I want to believe what he said so much.
After all it has to be the young to take over now and put everything right. Will it happen? We will have to see. Meanwhile for now I am hit with a disaster after disaster. Of course who isn’t when your broke.
A recent Bank rate poll found that almost two-thirds of Americans didn’t have savings available to cover a $500 repair bill or a $1,000 emergency room visit. I don’t either, but have to deal with the repair owners on so much down and so much a month for so many years. Which by the way already over half of my retirement already. taxes again due for property as well as anything else they come up with. Arkansas works in a strange way compared to other states. You need to look it up to believe it as I didn’t for years and finally learned how to deal with the stupid ways.
Over half of Americans have good reason to feel poor. Between 2007 and 2013 median wealth dropped a shocking 40 percent, leaving the poorest half with negative wealth (because of debt), and a full 60% of households owning, in total, about as much as the nation’s 94 richest individuals.

People of color fare the worst, with half of black households owning less than $11,000 in total wealth, and Hispanic households less than $14,000. The median net worth for white households is about $142,000. White I fall less than blacks. Most Whites as well do, but they don’t want to count it in that way as you will notice.
Official poverty measures are based largely on the food costs of the 1950s. But food costs have doubled since 1978, housing has more than tripled, and college tuition is eleven times higher. The cost of raising a child increased by 40 percent between 2000 and 2010. And despite the gains from Obama-care, health care expenses continue to grow.

As all these essential costs have been going up, median household income has been going down since 2000, with the greatest drop occurring since 2009, as 95 percent of the post-recession income gains have gone to the richest 1%. After all what did you think that the poor of the poorest was going to get something for free. Really? I can’t believe how you fall for this crap!
Amazing at the top and at the bottom. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, there have been job gains at the highest paid level — engineering, finance, computer analysis; and there have been job gains at the lowest paid level — personal health care, retail, and food preparation.

But the jobs that kept the middle class out of poverty — education, construction, social services, transportation, administration — have seen a decline since the recession, especially in the northeast. At a national level jobs gained are paying 23 percent less than jobs lost.

Worse yet, the lowest paid workers, those in housekeeping and home health care and food service, have seen their wages drop 6 to 8 percent (although wages overall rose about 2 percent in 2014). Now have you been able to figure that out.
Over half of public school students are poor enough to qualify for lunch subsidies. There’s been a stunning 70 percent increase since the recession in the number of children on food stamps. State of Working America reported that almost half of black children under the age of six are living in poverty. Did you see 70% increase. Didn’t even tell you this time as to our men and women in uniform in the armed services that half also on food relief because of under paid. Wrote on that sometime ago. Look it up for yourself and see how great America is becoming! Once enslaved never going to be released unless starving and homeless of course. That is soon coming!
Capitalism is a failed and discredited economic system. It creates a thin layer of super-wealthy at the expense of the environment and of everyone else’s quality of life. It needs to be toppled, dismantled and scrapped.
Did you know most college educated are going into state and federal jobs? Of course not, after all there only high class jobs paying anything for now until that 20% cut comes in and more and more cuts. After all with over $20 TRILLION in debt. Oh you thought it was what 16, 17 or last 18, 19 percent. Oh you sheep are so misinformed and you have all the answers right in front of you. Seek the truth out and read all that you can because it also is coming to an end. At lease your not going to be able to afford to access the information as you can now. Hell, prepare to pay more gas taxes even on the miles that you drive. Your going to be told how much as well as how far it will cost you to travel. That is over and above the gas cost and taxes your now paying. This is going to be a mileage tax now. Oh fear not your going to have that chip alright either on the hand or forehead to keep you honest with your keepers. Already being tested now in states.
You did hear about the 20% pension cuts already for those retired from the Armed services.. No! Oh you people with 401k’s best wake up as there next as well as many other pension funds going to be taken to help cure the spending of over bloated government. Your able to go back many years on a lot of things that your warned about, but no one wants to believe. But, when it happens then I’ll deal with it. Yea, like when my heater went out and no money to deal with it so had to fine someone willing to work with me on real lousy credit which all of you will soon also get with the help of not making enough to get from month to month. I set myself up good, so I believed. Now, I am seeing that tunnel closing so slowly, but closing. Credit card users best wake up as there going to be the death of you also like how we owe 22 trillion or was that 20 Trillion I said. Oh it was but who’s counting the small change? Get the meaning yet? Were all screwed, and soon were never getting back to where we were. In fact never after all the United Nations will be given the tast of collecting from all the countries under the IRS name still but collecting just the same. Didn’t hear of that I know. Not even that the China owes the Long Beach docks in California either not to mention other states. But, look it up sheep and learn how America is no longer for the free! For now this old man is going to say good evening and see what tomorrow brings. I would not wish my life on anyone. Took me years to learn to deal with it and thousands of pills by prescription to calm me down after a rage like this. Which is good. Good for who? Pill makers, doctors and so on of course. For me, doubt it, but whatever. Still here at lease and saying as well as warning all that I can. anyone listening? I didn’t think so.

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