Police State’s of the USA…

‎Thursday, ‎April ‎16, ‎2015
ANONYMOUS – Urgent Message to Americans [Islamic State]

Many stories in the past that you may have over looked and need to remind yourselfs as to how America became a Police State as well as a third world country. Everyone around the world just laughs at us because of a clown we have running this country. Did you notice that China as taken control now? I don’t thik so or you would be already sending that bum O in office his Pink Slip long ago! Enter anyone of the following in any search engine and read all that you have missed.

Blinded by laser-armed cops â scared yet?

4th Amendment fight from Virginia hits Capitol Hill

Cops use tank to pull over man who flipped bird

Cops pummeled during family brawl at Walmart

‘Stupid!’: Black activists ‘tussle’ on Fox News

Ben Carson: S.C. police shooting an ‘execution’

Lawsuit: Female attorney strapped up in court

Urban warfare training rattles Florida town

Resistance to militarized cops begins

Feds arrest family for ‘refusing to answer questions’

GOP lawmaker: Restrict citizens from recording cops

Chicago police ‘black site’ evokes shady history

Obama pressing for federal control of local police

Cops with ‘mental-illness training’ killed homeless man

LAPD under fire for killing ‘unarmed’ homeless man

Dad hits back after ‘false arrest’ at school meeting

No-knock police raid ends in blazing tragedy

Government monitoring every aspect of your life?

Cops confiscate reporter’s camera, firestorm follows

Trigger-happy cop zaps 76-year-old with Taser

Lou Gehrigs-type disease gets man 5 days on mental hold

It happens again! Toddler targeted by cops’ bomb

Man tells cops he’s uploading video of them, gets arrested

Open-carry advocate targeted in ‘swatting’

Constitutional fight launched over election of senators

Lawsuit: Ignorance of law no excuse for cops

No charges in ‘sloppy’ SWAT raid that maimed baby

Small-town America rebels against ‘police state’ arsenal

Mysterious private police force destroying legal pot

Government watching for ‘Americans with guns’

Military surplus? ‘Send it to border’

Americans told to assume Big Brother is watching

Ferguson puts focus on feds’ weapons handouts

Huckabee: Does Library of Congress need weapons?

Huckabee program to focus on U.S. as ‘Police State’

Police militarization catches eye of Congress

Militarized cops on display in Ferguson riots

Congressman on mission to disarm federal agencies

Are iris scanners on school buses necessary?

Obama quietly expands government’s ‘watchlist’

Top law-enforcement pro fights ‘warrior cop’ thinking

Video: Grinning cops sued for watching thieves walk away

Elderly vet arrested for asking officials to speak louder

Video: Cop pummels woman on highway median

Video: Cop goes ballistic on wheelchair-bound man

Top cop goes bonkers with ‘Bill O’Reilly’

Prove your innocence, keep your own property!

Obama can deploy military in U.S. for â ¦ the flu!

Sleeping toddler burned during SWAT raid

Anti-terror fund just ‘grandiose political statement’

Revealed: Obama policy to use military against citizens

Thousands of school-lunch pros blast Michelle’s rules

Tell Washington ‘Enough!’ with the spying

Feds’ biosurveillance to grab private medical records

‘Police State USA’ exposed on Coast to Coast AM

‘1984’ vision of police state becoming reality

Best and worst companies for Internet privacy

Fed-up citizens try to arrest own police chief

Congressman: Disband BLM, IRS ‘paramilitary’ teams

Supreme Court green lights detention of Americans

Ron Paul predicted BLM overreach 17 years ago

SWAT this! Teen latest victim in bizarre craze

‘Black Hawks flying around my condo’

Battle escalates over woman living off-grid

The 1 officer who stands between you and militarized police

Judge drops case against mom who refused to drug daughter

Court: Choose between constitutional rights

Regulators: Never mind $10,000 penalties

Pentagon giving ‘free’ armored trucks to police

Woman dragged to jail for using cell-phone feature

‘Trigger-happy’ cop kills disabled man’s service dog

Mere presence of gun prompts no-knock raid

Congress grants Obama ‘free rein for martial law’

NRA warning issued over attack on 2nd Amendment

Man awarded $1.6 million after cop butt probing

Does 2nd Amendment trump 4th Amendment?

Widow faces eviction for ‘living off the grid’

Cop shoots at minivan full of children

Cops use GPS cannon to track your car

3rd target of body cavity searches comes forward

Oh, no! Another case of crazy police butt-probing

Police Taser dad trying to save toddler from fire

Cops probe man’s [bleep] after stop-sign violation

Photo: Checkpoint cops point guns at motorists

Students protest ‘egregious’ NSA snooping

Cops brutalize family during traffic stop

Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?

GRAPHIC: Outrage erupts over cops killing dogs

Armed agents kill harmless baby deer in raid

License checkpoint? Not for this driver

Power-tripping cop has colorful history

Gun seizures trigger fear of massive police power

Video shock: Cop ‘power trips’ on innocent man

Cops sued for invading home, assaulting resident

Family dog to be killed for ‘nipping’ child

Gun owner targeted with ‘no-knock’ raid

Yes, NSA has content of phone calls, emails

Rand Paul: Orwell’s ‘1984’ has arrived

The growing militarization of U.S. police

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