Crime in Rogers, Arkansas 72756 Bully, toxin badge wearer’s…May 1 & 2, 2015 only views


‎Saturday, ‎May ‎02, ‎2015
Researh on crime in good old America…
I am going to do some research on crime just to try and awaken you silly sheep headed for slaughter soon! Please check out what I say as well, just maybe your pee brains will awaken and learn to fight and regain America before your all slaughtered or slaves as so many American’s are now… Awaken and take action as I do daily. Above all be a very LONE WOLF. Never admit to nothing! Never want credit for anything. After all the majority of us LONE WOLVES are always being watched and that is where the fun is. Being a really good hunter like a LONE WOLF and misleqading those badge wearers. All those already know because of my blogs that I am a LONELY OLD LONE WOLF, but enjoy what I do in order to show my wanting a true America back from those in the criminal white house running the majority of us into sheep or better known as SLAVES to those in power…
Everyone knows how to take back America and do it now. What did I do last night? I am so old, I already forgot as this old man’s head is planning for tonight with those watching evey move I make. Become a LONE WOLF and do something for your family as well as friends to bring back a FREE AMERICA. Remember no LONEZ WOLF has family or friends when there doing duty for those that he loves…
Now on to truths, and watch for daily cartoons to pass on as they hopfully make you think!
E-mail me anytime here, mailto:
Arizona Fire Capt. David Watson Charged In 3 Cold-Case Murders May 2, 2015
An Arizona fire captain has been charged with killing his ex-wife, her mother and a friend more than a decade ago. David Watson, of Pima County, Arizona, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder on April 25. His arrest followed a 15-year investigation into the disappearance and death of his ex-wife, Linda Watson, according […]
Man Arrested After Liking ‘Most Wanted’ Photo Of Himself On Facebook May 1, 2015
Pro tip for (alleged) criminals: If you see your photograph featured as a “most wanted” suspect on your local Crime Stoppers’ Facebook page, maybe don’t “like” the post. — This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, […]
Woman Who Cut Fetus From Victim First Attacked With Lava Lamp, Prosecutors Say May 1, 2015
By Keith Coffman DENVER, May 1 (Reuters) – A Colorado woman who police say admitted cutting the fetus from a pregnant stranger stabbed her victim first with shards of glass from a broken lava lamp before performing a crude Cesarean section, court documents showed on Friday. Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, is charged with attempted first-degree […]
Nevada Man Falls To His Death In The Grand Canyon May 1, 2015
GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) — The body of a Nevada man who fell about 400 feet off the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park to his death was recovered Friday, authorities said. Juan Carreras-Soto, 29, of Las Vegas, was visiting the park with his family on Thursday, National Park Service officials said. […]
RI Police Chief Stops Accepting Guest List Of Motel With High Crime Rate May 1, 2015
WARWICK, R.I. (AP) — The police chief in Warwick said his department has stopped accepting a daily guest list from a city motel with a high crime rate. Chief Stephen McCartney said Thursday that the program has been discontinued out of concerns about legal ramifications and the possibility of the lists becoming public documents. The […]
Freddie Gray’s Family Is ‘Satisfied’ With Charges Against Officers May 1, 2015
The family of Freddie Gray on Friday applauded the news that Gray’s death had been ruled a homicide and that criminal charges were being brought against all the officers involved. “We are satisfied with today’s charges,” Richard Shipley, who identified himself as one of Gray’s “two fathers,” said at a press conference Friday afternoon. “These […]
Truck Drivers Can Help Fight Sex Trafficking. Here’s How May 1, 2015
Bo Quickel understands the way to stop sex trafficking comes down to simple economics. “I want to end slavery,” he told WLTX News. “So in order to end slavery, I have to focus 100 percent on the demand.” Quickel is the founder of Vigilante Truth, a faith-based nonprofit under Vigilante Truckers that aims to educate […]
Larry Wilmore Sits Down With Baltimore Gang Members To Discuss Truce And Ongoing Unrest May 1, 2015
Larry Wilmore continued his coverage of ongoing protests in Baltimore on Thursday night’s episode of “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.” After lambasting the media’s approach to the unrest earlier this week, the comedian took coverage into his own hands. His angle? Discussing the issue with local rival gangs at a diner over a slice […]
Police Wanted Us To Believe Freddie Gray Killed Himself. We’ve Heard Stories Like This Before May 1, 2015
Earlier this week, a source in the Baltimore Police Department leaked a document to The Washington Post that provided some insight into how they wanted the story about the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who suffered a fatal injury in police custody last month, to progress. After providing very little information in […]
NJ Man Stole 35 Guitars Through Hole In Storage Unit Roof: Cops May 1, 2015
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A New Jersey man is accused of stealing enough musical equipment to outfit quite a few bands. Philadelphia police said Friday that Jason Mackenzie of Berlin, New Jersey, has been charged with burglary and related offenses in a break-in at a self-storage unit on Castor Avenue. Investigators say Mackenzie and two accomplices […]

Thursday TV Ratings: Backstrom, American Crime, Elementary, Reign, Blacklist … – TV Series Finale May 2, 2015
Thursday TV Ratings: Backstrom, American Crime, Elementary, Reign, Blacklist …TV Series FinaleThursday, April 30, 2015 ratings — New episodes: Bones, Backstrom, The Vampire Diaries, Reign, The Big Bang Theory, The Odd Couple, Mom, Elementary, The Blacklist, Dateline NBC, Grey’s Anatomy, and American Crime. Reruns: The Big Bang Theory …
American Crime Recap: A Confession in “Episode Nine” – May 1, 2015
ABC.comAmerican Crime Recap: A Confession in “Episode Nine”ABC.comWelcome to Riveting Moments for “Episode Nine”of American Crime, originally airing April 30, 2015. In “Episode Nine,” Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) makes another shocking confession. With nothing to lose, she confesses to the crime of killing Matt and …American Crime: “Episode Nine”A.V. Club Denver/BoulderEpisode NineEntertainment Weekly (blog)American Crime Episode […]
Jury finds for sheriff’s office in trial over victim’s crime scene photos – Chicago Tribune May 1, 2015
Chicago TribuneJury finds for sheriff’s office in trial over victim’s crime scene photosChicago Tribune… Friday morning at the Circuit Court of Cook County in the civil trial brought against the sheriff’s department by the family of Jessica Mejia, 20, for undressing and photographing her on a tarp on the ground of the snowy 2009 crime […]
American Crime Story has its Judge Ito and Denise Brown – A.V. Club May 1, 2015
American Crime Story has its Judge Ito and Denise BrownA.V. ClubWith most of the major players now cast in Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson—Cuba Gooding Jr. as the Juice, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clarke, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, …
‘American Crime’ Creator John Ridley Tunes Into Early Days Working in TV – Variety May 1, 2015
Variety’American Crime’ Creator John Ridley Tunes Into Early Days Working in TVVarietyJohn Ridley, the creator of ABC’s “American Crime,” won an Oscar two years ago for “12 Years a Slave.” But TV came first for the writer-producer, whose got his start on NBC sitcom “Rhythm & Blues” in 1992. His initial mention in Variety came […]
Suspect in fatal Rialto hate crime to be evaluated by psychiatrist – Los Angeles Times May 1, 2015
Los Angeles TimesSuspect in fatal Rialto hate crime to be evaluated by psychiatristLos Angeles TimesHe was also charged with a hate crime. During the hearing, Superior Court Judge Jon D. Ferguson ordered the proceedings delayed until a court-appointed psychiatrist could evaluate Bell, court minutes show. He had pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors plan to …Fontana Man Charged […]
Freddie Gray’s Death Ruled a Homicide, Six Police Officers Charged – People Magazine May 1, 2015
People MagazineFreddie Gray’s Death Ruled a Homicide, Six Police Officers ChargedPeople MagazineFreddie Gray’s Death Ruled a Homicide, Six Police Officers Charged| Crime & Courts,. Freddie Gray being arrested by Baltimore police officers. Mosby said that Gray never deserved to be arrested. Indeed, “the knife [he was carrying] was not a …Prisoner in van thought Gray […]
Before you place that bet on the fight, you’re gonna want to listen to this – PBS NewsHour May 1, 2015
PBS NewsHourBefore you place that bet on the fight, you’re gonna want to listen to thisPBS NewsHour“If the sports book is owned and operated by organized crime, you’re funding organized crime,” said Nicholas Cheviron, a supervisory special agent with the FBI. “Those profits are coming back to organized crime for them to use for their […]
Crime, Clinton and a New Era – New York Times May 1, 2015
New York TimesCrime, Clinton and a New EraNew York TimesNow, as the streets of Baltimore erupt in protests, and questions about race, poverty and the prison population suddenly tower over the political landscape, the halcyon years of the tough-on-crime Bill Clinton administration look less idyllic. Mrs …Clinton catches up on crime, incarcerationSFGateHillary Clinton calls for […]
John Louis Blalack sentenced to 20 years in hate crime – Jackson Clarion Ledger April 30, 2015
Jackson Clarion LedgerJohn Louis Blalack sentenced to 20 years in hate crimeJackson Clarion LedgerJohn Louis Blalack, the youngest of 10 defendants in the hate crime conspiracy case anchored by the 2011 death of James Craig Anderson, was given the second-toughest sentence of any of the conspirators on Thursday. U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate …Man gets […]
Six Baltimore Officers Charged In Gray’s Death After Homicide Finding May 1, 2015
The six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray, who died last month after being injured in police custody, have been charged criminally, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced today, the Baltimore Sun reports. Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., 45, the driver of a police van that carried Gray through the streets of Baltimore, […]
idealism in social media all we want but the fact is that in police work there is danger and people can get hurt in real life. That will lead to very strong feelings and commentary whether it’s a protest in the streets or on Facebook.”

Social Media isn’t going away. And when it’s used to spread negative commentary about your agency, be ready. The best time to build your support system is before you need it. The worst strategy is not to have one.
Dealing with crisis communications needs to be part of your social media strategy. TPS could have been even better prepared in the online world, but the fact that they produced a social media guide ahead of time and actively monitored social networks with a strategy in place, was remarkable. Ninety percent of what could happen can be predicted and planned for.
Social Media is a highly valuable intelligence-gathering tool. As acknowledged by Chief Blair, the communications are valuable and discoverable and highly relevant to their ongoing investigations.
A crisis is optimum opportunity for reputation management. “When the dust settles” TPS stands to gain ground with the citizens of Toronto for being responsive and engaging and abundantly sharing information.
Don’t underestimate staffing requirements. You’ve heard it before, the tools are free but knowing how to use them and paying the people who do, costs money. Sometimes a significant amount.
Engagement is king. TPS was ready to communicate and did so with anyone and everyone who engaged them. If instead, they used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the rest only to distribute and not receive, they would have missed a huge opportunity.
Use social media for internal communication. If rank and file Toronto police officers also followed the TPS social media messages, TPS feels they would also benefited from receiving the info being put out to the public.
Set expectations for officers re: photographs. Some disagreements arose when officers’ photos were taken even when the photographers were just tourists or onlookers. Not all officers at G20 understood that when in a public place, people taking their photographs for non-intelligence gathering reasons is o.k.
For the TPS The G20 is not over…
My right hand went up; when I took an oath to support and defend the Constitutions of the United States of America for the United States Navy. I still follow that oat today. Do you or other badge wearer’s?
Safety is a hallmark of the law enforcement business. Yet, a substantial number of public safety officers consistently identify a toxic work environment as their greatest source of stress and threat. A large percentage of officers feel far more stress from their own supervision, than they do from simply doing their job. More than a few officers believe they have been victimized by those who are in charge at their own workplace.
In law enforcement circles, it is often said that threats from the street are potentially lethal, but that the threat from the enemy within is a far worse hazard to a law officer’s health and well-being. The toxic boss plague, denied by many in leadership positions, is the elephant in the room for public safety. Almost to a person, law enforcement retirees will say that what they do not miss about the job are the politics, ineffective bosses, and management shenanigans.
Who is a Toxic Boss, and What Do They Do?

Toxic Bully

Bullying bosses inflict emotional (and sometimes physical) violence upon the target. Overly aggressive force is used to instill fear and influence the actions of co-workers and direct reports. Yelling, screaming, and out of control behavior causes work trauma that poisons the culture of an organization. The bully boss delights in humiliating, demoralizing, or embarrassing subordinates both publicly and privately. Caustic intimidation naturally creates anger, resentment, mistrust, and hostility.

Toxic Arrogant

The arrogant boss is autocratic, ignores input, and will frequently talk down to employees by making condescending remarks. Heavy doses of misguided vanity, pride, and sarcasm, fortify a rigid hierarchy that supports the belief that the arrogant boss has a right to expect allegiance to them as a person because of their inherent greatness. Consistently demeaning behavior highlights the inequality of an unbalanced workplace structure, thus constructing a tone of antagonism and disgust between those who are meant to be teammates. No-one likes to be talked down to as if they are lower than dirt.

Toxic Indecisive

Cautious and tentative, the paralysis by analysis, black hole manager, quickly loses credibility amongst the people. U- Turns, outcome reversals, start and stop; change, change, change, decision making cause’s disheartened ineffectualness. Management impediment becomes standard operating procedure. The indecisive boss is often a timid, hesitant decision-maker who likes to wait and see if more information will become available. These “blind follower” bosses give only safe and unobjectionable answers to questions. The result is that very little is actually accomplished. Because of the life and death nature of the job, the indecisive are arguably, the most dangerous toxic boss in the law enforcement business.

Toxic Incompetent

The mere fact that incompetent bosses make bad decisions that prove to be wrong more often than they are right, fuels decline in organizational performance. Employees see right through the anemic boss, and when the boss has no credibility, effective leadership is impossible. The entire operation sputters and stumbles its way straight toward uselessness. Officers find themselves in the unenviable position of being forced to act outside the parameters of management directives just to get the job done.

Toxic Micromanager

Micromanagers typically turn every task or assignment into laborious chores, overwhelming the average officer with heaps of useless drudgery and documentation. Nearly every action must be approved and sanctioned by the supervisor. The “Don’t do anything until I get there” manager feels the need to make most decisions. Commonly they are heavy handed, highly critical, control freaks who impose ridiculous artificial deadlines. Excessive monitoring, and frequent correction of insignificant flaws (red pen monsters), fuel frustration and encourage sheep-like behavior from subordinates.

Toxic Untruthful Boss

Pinocchio bosses model behavior that can range from pathological lying, political deceit, lying for convenience, duplicity for personal gain, spinning the message, and dishonesty to cover their rear end. The untruthful are often good actors, charming and manipulative. These masters of embellishment will purposely mislead, cover-up, frequently change their story, and fabricate accomplishments. Those surrounded by supervisors who master verbal falsehoods will rightly ask themselves “Is this an organization worthy of my loyalty and affiliation?”

Toxic Corrupt Boss

Compromised bosses who engage in scurrilous behavior, OR who fail to make the difficult decisions that relate to subordinate misconduct, are underwriting entity corrosion. Morally bankrupt managers create a workplace that features corruption, cover-ups, denials, and other forms of unscrupulous activity. Deception causes the diminishing of worker integrity, and the unhealthy erosion of innermost trust. Personal and business reliability can perish amongst a culture of distrust and dysfunction.

Toxic Suck-Up Boss

Agency imbalance and blatant favoritism fostered by the success of the suck-up, is likely to cause the wrong people to be put in powerful positions for all the wrong reasons. The suck-up boss tells management exactly what they want to hear. Two-faced bosses like to see which way the wind is blowing before they commit to any position. Constant insincere behavior is patently obvious to co-workers, and recognized by direct reports as a brazen attempt to gain favor with those who hold power. Sadly, the posterior kisser is frequently rewarded by his/her toxic boss, yet they are sowing seeds of disgust throughout the workplace.

Toxic Egghead Boss

An organization that is led by an egghead boss will often confuse credentials and degrees with competency. Many times the egghead boss lacks common sense, and over-relies on academic and hypothetical concepts. Theory replaces tangible results, and statistical proof of performance becomes the prototype that is used to verify agency success. Intelligence, critical thinking, decision-making ability, work ethic, maturity, wisdom, and personal discipline are but a few of the attributes that cannot be assessed by the accumulation of credentials and degrees.

How Does A Leader Mitigate the Threat Posed By Toxic Bosses?

The solution to the toxic boss threat is simple and straightforward. Consistently reward appropriate behavior, and unfailingly punish toxic behavior. Indeed, the answer to this dilemma is just this uncomplicated. The astute leader should ask themselves “what behavioral values are truly being rewarded in our workplace?” Are toxic bosses enjoying the fruits of their poisonous labor?

Force, threat, and intimidation are the gold standards of toxic management. Professionals know how to coach, mentor, correct deficiencies, and enforce standards of success without being rude hostile jerks. Great leaders combine dignity and decency with order, prerogative, and governance. Civility, tact, and gracefulness are sophisticated leadership skills that facilitate greater employee pride, self-respect, purpose in our work, and enhancement of our product.

It is our solemn duty as leaders to diminish or eliminate the toxic management practices that combine to form the enemy from within law enforcement. Albert Einstein once said “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” Malicious, discourteous, discriminatory, or deliberately hurtful behavior towards law enforcement officers by their bosses should never be acceptable.
Latest Crime News from ROGERS, AR
30.04.2015 – Four Arrested By Bentonville Police On Suspicion Of Gang-Related Charges
One of the victims said he woke up at 4 a.m. to see a pistol in his face, according to an arrest report. … Rogers – First-degree engaging/continuing criminal gang, organization or enterprise, aggravated robbery, first-degree terroristic threatening …
02.05.2015 – Otus the Head Cat Vilonia Bigfoot incident was hubbub, not riot
Bellamy is a 7-foot-3-inch Rogers native who briefly played semi-pro basketball in the Northern European Basketball League (now the Baltic Basketball League) until a series of injuries ended his promising career. In a 2002 game against … Vilonia …
15.04.2015 – Masseur Arrested For Sexual Assault Surrenders License
Police say the sexual assault happened in January at the Massage Envy Spa in Rogers. Hughes is currently out on bond. ROGERS, AR–According to an arrest warrant from the Rogers Police Department, a woman was sexually assaulted by a massage says Freddie Gray was murdered; cops charged with crimes
She said that time and again police mistreated Mr. Gray, arresting him with no grounds, violating police procedure by putting him in cuffs and leg cuffs in the van without seat belting him and then repeatedly failing to get him medical attention. She …
30.04.2015 – Dianne Williamson: Rioting hurts the message
Michael Rogers lives a lifetime away from his middle-class roots in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was raised on the city’s West Side and attended private school. Today he lives … He said he’s seen unnecessary arrests for petty crimes such as …
Rogers is a suburban city in Benton County, Arkansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city has a population of 55,964. And the 2011 estimate was 57,539.

The city is located in the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metropolitan Area, in the northwest corner of the state, one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. The four-county Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area is ranked 109th in terms of population in the United States with 463,204 in 2010 according to the United States Census Bureau.

Rogers was named after Captain Charles Warrington Rogers, who was vice-president and general manager of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, also known as the Frisco. The town was established in 1881, the year the Frisco line arrived; it was at this time the area residents honored Captain Rogers by naming it for him. The community was incorporated on June 6, 1881.

Rogers was the location of the first Wal-Mart store, whose corporate headquarters is located in neighboring Bentonville, Arkansas. Daisy Outdoor Products, known for its air rifles, has both its headquarters and its Air Rifle Museum in Rogers. In June 2007, BusinessWeek magazine ranked Rogers as 18th in its list of the 25 best affordable suburbs in the American South. And in 2010, CNN Money ranked Rogers # 10 on their list of 100 Best Places to Live.
General Information ROGERS / Benton / AR
Population: 36200
Population Density per square mile: 260.08
Housing Units: 14918
Land Area square mile: 139.19
Water Area square mile: 0.22
Latitude: 36.342236
Longitude: -94.071411
Registered Sex Offenders of 72756 Zip Code
Sex Offenders in your area (72756).
Property crime and Larceny thiefs are the highest crime rates in Rogers, Arkansas 72756. I am only doing my review research on my local location. Anyone can do this and if you wish to know of your zip code or area then e-mail me for the charges. I will do most for twenty-five dollars with such things as seen in this report! Coule be more or less!
All the rest Burgary and lesser crime offences are all national average.
Also who recently were caught or busted in Benton County;
Crime news today;
‘No Human Is Wise Enough to Decide Who Should Die’ That means ALL those in the Protect & Serve positions which today means nothing what so ever!
Arizona 2-Year-Old ‘Luckty To Be Alive’ After Shooting Himself In Face: Police May 2, 2015
(Reuters) – A 2-year-old Arizona boy was in critical but stable condition on Friday after he shot himself in the face with his father’s handgun, which he apparently found wrapped up in sheets on the man’s bed, police said. The firearm “was rolled up like a pillow,” in the master bedroom where the child was […]
Heather Cook, Maryland Bishop Charged In DUI Death, Defrocked By Episcopal Church May 2, 2015
WASHINGTON (RNS) An Episcopal bishop in Maryland who’s facing manslaughter charges in the drunk-driving death of a bicyclist has been defrocked and “will no longer function as an ordained person in the Episcopal Church.” Heather Cook was a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the Diocese of Maryland when she was charged with manslaughter in the Dec. […]
Insane Or Evil? Trial Fills In Details Of Colorado Movie Gunman James Holmes May 2, 2015
(Reuters) – Harrowing accounts from survivors dominated the first week of Colorado’s movie theater massacre trial, but amid the tears a much more detailed picture emerged of gunman James Holmes, his personal life, and his deadly plan. Prosecutors seeking the death penalty for the 27-year-old former neuroscience graduate student, and his public defenders, have filled […]
North Korea Says It Has Arrested South Korean NYU Student Joo Won-Moon For Illegal Entry May 2, 2015
SEOUL, May 2 (Reuters) – North Korea on Saturday said it had arrested a South Korean college student, holding a U.S. green card, for illegal entry into the country. Joo Won-moon, 21, from New York, was caught on April 22 crossing from the Chinese side of the Yalu River, according to North Korea’s KCNA news […]
More Bodies Found At Mass Grave In Suspected Thai Trafficking Camp May 2, 2015
By Amy Sawitta Lefevre PEDANG BESAR, Thailand May 2 (Reuters) – Dozens of police and volunteers exhumed six more bodies on Saturday in the second day of digging out a mass grave near a suspected human trafficking camp on a hillside deep in a southern Thai jungle. The digging site, in Sadao district in Songkhla […]
May Day In Seattle Turns Violent, Police Injured May 2, 2015
(Adds quote from police, details, paragraphs 2, 4, 6) May 1 (Reuters) – An anti-capitalist May Day march in Seattle turned violent on Friday when demonstrators threw rocks and wrenches at police, who responded by lobbing “flashbangs” and shooting pepper balls, according to police and media reports. “This is no longer demonstration management, this has […]
Baltimore Officers Released On Bail Following Freddie Gray Death May 2, 2015
* One police officer charged with second-degree murder * Manslaughter and other charges against five others * Police union criticizes ‘rush to judgment’ * Announcement greeted with joy on Baltimore’s streets (Updates with officers posting bond, being released) By Scott Malone and Ian Simpson BALTIMORE, May 1 (Reuters) – Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged one police […]
Arizona Fire Capt. David Watson Charged In 3 Cold-Case Murders May 2, 2015
An Arizona fire captain has been charged with killing his ex-wife, her mother and a friend more than a decade ago. David Watson, of Pima County, Arizona, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder on April 25. His arrest followed a 15-year investigation into the disappearance and death of his ex-wife, Linda Watson, according […]

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