Begging for money in return for information that I can get to…


Owes IRS taxes for years why? Nothing done!

‎Wednesday, ‎May ‎06, ‎2015
#lewis1946 truth in knowledge
Here’s a taste of the news for May 2015, happening across the USA. Reason why everything is not covered as there’s way to much that is going on daily in the lives of everyone that nothing can draw attention more than the most serious news. Want to hear about your own home town or state or any others that you may not see only because I have not heard from you. I seek crimes of bad badge wearer’s more than anything else as well as world news effecting all of us daily. I would still like to have donations to locate as well as track those that you may be interested in. Send donations to:
John Lewis
12543 Scenic Dr.
Rogers, Arkansas
e-mail mailto://
Every so often I change the above pages for protection as there attacked a lot by badgewearers. So, one site may be under repair but many others always running. Keep track of all sites and enjoy the ones that are attacked as there funny with clever dumb and serious terrorist threats by those in power that call many of us citizens terrorists. Meanwhile all sites never attacked as there’s just way too many as many of you have noticed! Enjoy what I pisked out just this morning for your taste buds. Please cash only , love stacks of those new $100.00 bills by the way. LOL
police officer dies hours after suspect opens fire, steals patrol car.
man is charged with causing abuse to his 87-year-old mother.
Father accused of abducting 14-month-old daughter.
missing SIUE student discovered in Hazelwood near where his car was found.
stabbing of pregnant woman bound over for trial.
police need help ID’ing driver in fatality.
Appeal denied for man convicted in 1984 Fort Worth murder.
Armed teens stole vehicle, drove through cemetery.
Las Vegas doctor get 4 years for reusing needle guides.
Serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman caught loitering in Chicago airport.
Escapee caught after more than 50 years; Brelo case goes to judge; dreadlocks cost man job: Overnight News Links.

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