So many years ago photo of Pea Ridge officer (Friendly) still unsolved…Why


‎Friday, ‎May ‎08, ‎2015
I have a message to the youth that will grow up under this brainwashing corporate form of government. Rebel and praise the Constitution.
The problem at its core, is a corrupt Congress, who have not only accepted money in return for their vote/influence to benefit the position of the Corporations but Congress also created laws to protect itself from being charged with bribery and corruption charges. ALL of them must be run out of Congress, the laws they created as an insulator from the law of the land must be repealed and prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law..better yet change those laws making it punishable by a firing squad mandatory.
Get rid of them huh. They are way ahead of us. You really believe they don’t realize the possible consequences of their actions? The introduction of the electronic voting machines has rendered the common people powerless. You can fill out all the ballots u want those machines will only read them as programmed to do so. Your votes ain’t putting no one in power. Look at past elections. You might expect, with such wins, approval rating should sky rocket. But no. What or how it really went down…. i have my doubts.
Most Americans grow up in a school system that tells them their country has been designed the serve the people, but when we look at the facts, this simply does not seem to be true. Oligarchy, facism, whatever you want to call it, a corporatocracy lowered itself on the land of America and its been calling the shots for too long.
PHOTOS WERE TAKEN TODAY OF THE AREA as INVESTIGATOR(S) search for MISSING CERILLA DOYLE from the Pea Ridge Police Department-a former officer/employee leaves suspicion to those in uniform-as they terminated-or asked her for a resignation-the stories are unclear as her JOB and CO-WORKERS have been under watch as TWO employees of Pea Ridge Police Department borrowed about $15,000.00 from Cerilla Doyle and never returned her the money-and told her they were going to start up a new coffee shope` business-in which area residents claim-the deal fell through-as Cerilla had gained the respect from many and began working at the SPORTS games-and selling the products to area residents and friends MELALEUCA – she made many friends in the local community and was called by many ‘OFFICER FRIENDLY’

Reports from the Bentonville police department are FAGUE-as officers did not seem to TAKE any INTEREST in her DISAPPEARANCE-and no one came to the rescue of murdered DANA L. STIDHAM-except for ONE LOCAL CITIZEN whom is involved in the CASE as a WITNESS-and has given statements that LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT are CORRUPT and “HIDDING” many FACTS and INFORMATION including CORRUPT local JUDGES on city and county – all levels-in which CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION is being RECORDED for filings against those-even CORRUPT deputies and KELLEY CRADDUCK have NOTHING TO OFFER for the CASES and have NOT contacted anyone for STATEMENTS or to be WITNESSES in the cases-as MUCH INFORMATION has been GATHERED by the INVESTIGATOR(S) and inside INFORMANTS in which are PRIVATE CITIZENS working together on behalf of the VICTIMS and their FAMILIES-

THE CORRUPT ELECTED OFFICIALS and CITY/COUNTY GOVERNMENT – JUDGES have left victims and their families waiting in access of over 50 YEARS with combined case years.

A COLD CASE FROM 1990 has been SPOTTED on the RADAR with a POSSIBLE SUSPECT LEAD-from a woman whom was SHOT – SET ON FIRE – AND RUN OVER WITH A VEHILCE on the HUDSON ROAD HIWAY 102 AREA – FOUND IN MAY 1990 (25 YEARS AGO) the Stidham case and the McMillan boy – suspect has been 24 years with NO ARREST and the CERILLA DOYLE CASE-a person of interest/suspect is known-over 5 years-




Let me add a reminded link just so everyone in the state of Arkansas knows how dirty this area really is in Bentonville!

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