Your meat is packaged and ready for the store shelves, no longer a butcher shop at stores?


                                                                ‎Friday, ‎May ‎08, ‎2015
Meat treated with carbon monoxide, makes it look red as well as fresh the day it is packaged, plus remains that way for weeks. No, longer have to worry about the pink slime, so now you know what has been doing the same thing for years since complaints of pink slime. In case anyone has noticed, I wanted you to be aware of that not so fresh Carbon monoxide your digesting daily…
  80% of ALL Beef and Chicken has been treated with Carbon Monoxide Gas. It can make bad meat look good. How many people have become poisoned by this chemically altered meat that we are eating and feeding our children? Our Government works on behalf of big business NOT for The People Of America!
  And we wonder why cancer is at an all time high. How is hiding the freshness of meat any different than selling contaminated peanut butter?  I guess a RICH person has to die, so they’ll want to prove the death was caused by spoiled meat.  It’s another case of the RICH and BIG BUSINESS controlling our country.
  Normally meat goes bad in 4-5 days giving it that brown color look. But, even spoiled meats can be given that fresh red look with carbon monoxide. Most all meats are no longer packaged in the store but by big slaughter house companies and shipped to the markets, packaged and ready to show in the meat case. Same goes for over seas’ meats shipped to America. Hope you enjoy that steak tonight. Is it fresh or will you be going to the emergency room or even die this evening?

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