Stories for may 2014 & May 2015 just an idea of how I do them for all interested..Donations also wanted..


Why want to see this ugly mug?

‎Saturday, ‎May ‎09, ‎2015
Stories in one area for the month of May 2015…

Not hard to find me, but very hard to delete all the locations I’m at. Reason why the badge wearer’s gave up. After all once I post the world does see it! Old stories from 2014 for the month of May.

Remember all donation arrive at a true address of course in a locked mail box even! Yes, my home is where I am the majority of time unless I am visiting another state for whatever reason. But, above is just a very small sample as how I want people to view all they see. I have been banned as well from time to time kicked off many sites wanting to control my not so polite words at times. But, after a time they lift the restriction and allow me to post back. Why? I really have no idea, maybe because other sites allow what Facebook didn’t. But, my reason is not to know why. After all I am a FREE PERSON and I will continue else where’s if those that feel or think there in power. After all were all free person’s and freedom is a real meaning to me. Not powerful except for myself and my own being. Everyone is equal and no one is better than anyone else no matter woman or man black or white or red or yellow. Were all equal in my eyes and hopefully as well in yours!

All donations accepted from a penny even to those $100.00 bills. Checks are just stacked in an envelope and never cashed. I don’t trust any written paper saying I pay you this amount. Besides I don’t use banks at my age of close to 69. Have a story that your interested in knowing my opinion then I will add you to my list.Please don’t be in a hurry as I have a list still and I take my daily fun as you notice to write on as well and as many know it matters not who it is or type of business either. So, no matter the donation even if none send your suggestions with or without any donation. I treat everyone exactly the same. Some just can’t handle my truths is all. That also goes for my own personal family. Yes, I disagree with many in my own family over certain things even and I never back down.
As your able to see, I will post anything after all I am a FREE Person!
Need to hear and see your name as well then state that you wish your name added to the story you request and it will be added.

Send donations to:

John Lewis

12543 Scenic Dr.

Rogers, Arkansas 72756

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