Your and My social security is good for now. My views on Social Security from who asked.


This is me 03.15.2015

‎Saturday, ‎May ‎09, ‎2015

SS was moved , on paper, to the General Fund. Many Government programs, nonsense programs, were paid out of the General Fund thereby depleting SS funds. The original plan was to have all SS monies in a money producing plan so SS would never go broke. The Government Medicare removes a percentage of SS monies to fund Medicare. Meanwhile, taxes are removed from workers’ checks, so called a savings plan for retirees, so SS is actually supposed to be paid by working people who receive pay checks. Now, Medicare monies are transferred to Obamacare to allow non productive people health insurance. Thereby, those who prefer not to be productive citizens can ride the gravy train off the backs of people who are productive citizens! In other words, the Federal Government has screwed The People for many years and continues to do so. SS and Medicare are NOT government “benefits” American Citizens have allowed their working dollars to be manipulated causing their money to actually be robbed by the Feds.
Obama’s aunt was on SS , welfare and lived in “public housing”. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands. 5 to12 million ILLEGALS are close to receiving a SS # and will be getting benefits. Once read that SS is set up to handle inquires for over 130 languages.
Actually we were taken off the Gold Standard in 1932 in order to create inflation of the dollar because in 1934 the government revalued gold from $20/oz to $32/oz and it had gone up from there. Then we were on the silver standard where an ounce of silver (a silver dollar) was worth a buck. Then in 1959 we were quietly taken off the silver standard and our coins became silver less. Then silver rocketed up in value to 5 or 6 times it’s $1/oz value, again, money inflated. Why create this inflation, to pay off old debt with worthless dollars that were only worth less than 1/10th what the debt was. Now we are on the Federal Reserve Notes, which are not even part of the Government now and are totally worthless as a promise from the FR, which are the organization of banks to control the economy. Guess what they do to make a killing, print more worthless paper! Controlling the economy is Congress’s job but they don’t have the know how and besides they are to busy spending our money.
For those that went to school in the 1960’s remember when gas was .32 cents to .40 cents a gallon, a loaf of bread was only a fifteen cents and a new car could be purchased for only two to four thousand dollars, a house for only 12,000 to 20,000 dollars.
It is one thing to take about this but lets put it in perspective. Imagine a department store with several floors. We will call the floors Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, etc. We are in an elevator called the dollar, while others are called the Paso, Yen, Mark, Euro which are also going up and down. As we do that and see gold and silver looking like it is going up and down compared to us when in actuality they are fixed and our value goes up and down. As things appear to go up the value of the dollar goes down and when gold and silver appear to go down the value of the dollar goes up. Easy to see but today we are at the 1200th floor instead of the 20th floor that we were on back in 1932.
Who put on the elevator in the first place, we let our own government do it to us.
Social Security is not an entitlement, it is a retirement that Americans have, mandator ally, paid into for their whole working lives. When I hear about the government using ‘our money’ for other purposes, and paying people undeservingly, it makes me want to puke. The system was set up to accommodate all pensioners who paid into it. The government has used and abused ‘our retirement’! They have sliced it up and changed laws to use it for other purposes to suit their own means. They are the crooks in our system, stealing, greedy politician’s who make laws for their benefit, but deny what the public is rightfully due!
While at the same time, every year sees millions of new illegal squatters, welfare whores, and fake SSI parasites added to the already enormous roles of free everything. All part of LBJ’s ‘great society’ effort in or about 1965.
Don’t forget; The government who is “managing” OUR Social Security is the same government that ran a Whore House in Nevada into bankruptcy after they took it over for taxes!
Now as I write these thoughts, I also know that the real truth is this; The demise of Social Security has been predicted ever since the program began. The fact is, however, that this is an extremely important social program that is currently paying benefits to more than 58 million Americans. With a population of over 300 million in the United States.

It’s true that the latest annual report of the Social Security Trustees projects that, unless changes are made, benefits will have to be reduced by 23% by 2033. The key is that we have 19 years to fix this. According to the 2014 report of the Social Security Trustees, if employers and employees each contributed 1.4% more toward Social Security, the program would be fully funded for the next 75 years. By this time I will be dust or at lease in the ground because of being a veteran of the United States Navy.

The last major steps to shore up Social Security’s long-term financial outlook occurred in 1983. In the 30 years since then, there have been continued changes in our country’s population and to Social Security itself. We are simply at another point in time where we need to make adjustments to the program. The only question that remains is if this once great United States of American can survive the future attacks planned by all those countries that we stole from?
As for myself, I am prepared to see the final fight that is predicted and that is doing away with those in power to control us as free people. Masters that think they are so powerful that they can order or tell a free person what and what not to do. There will as it already has started a war between those that think they are slave masters or more powerful that anyone else. At my age I say bring it on and be prepared as I am and I want to live. But, how many others will become LONE WOLVES and stop whinning like sheep is the only question left! Take action against anyone that does you wrong and never let it ride. If you let it go then your a sheep, a coward, a slave to others. In short have no business being on this earth without doing something to make it a peaceful and happy good person to person. Laws made by others are for those that are not a free person. A free person needs no laws or willing to be enslaved by another free person. Think sheep!
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