Constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Treaties must also abide by the Constitution.


‎Sunday, ‎May ‎10, ‎2015
This good old man’s message for today is; Remember what candidate Barack Obama said in 2008 about “bitter clingers”?

“They cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Well after seven years, he’s attacked religious freedom, thrown the weight of his office behind forcing Americans to yield to sexual deviancy, opened the borders and is close to getting near-absolute power to conclude a secret trade treaty.
But, first before I get into that bullshit let’s give out my address for that extra money all you people can’t spend for one reason or another. Send it to me, and I’ll be happy to spend it.
Mail all those donations with requests of how I feel on any subject and sooner or later I’ll write my feelings about the subject your interested in. Just remember I have a very long list of subjects and it takes time to get all the true information as well as my own views on many of them. Again to all of you that have sent, I thank you as well as I love those new hundred dollar bill’s that look so cool. Send as many as possible. Wrap paper around them as never know who holds those envelopes up to the light looking for free money as I do. LOL
John Lewis
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Also as I said you don’t need to send anything, as I like researching information on many subjects. I will add those as well to my list as they come in. Thanks again for the subjects.
We have a Dictator on our hands and Congress is letting him get away with it. Maybe they were all blackmailed.
No matter what the treaty says, the Constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Treaties must also abide by the Constitution.
This is so contrary to the way this nation is supposed to be run. Yet, nobody appears to care. At least not enough to disrupt the status quo. Very, very sad. The founders must be spinning like tops.
No offense people, but this is just another distraction while they get everything in place for the financial collapse this summer. First they have the Jade Helm 15 maneuvers at the same time the IMF is meeting to “change” the world’s reserve currency to other currencies besides the US dollar. You have until July to prepare!
I’ve heard of them before, but I read a lot of sites including the financial sites. I just put two and two together. I’m just surprised we haven’t gone under Martial Law for one excuse or another long before now. I really thought that they would collapse the system before the 2012 election, but I didn’t realize they had it fixed like they did until Obama “won” again. It’s not IF but WHEN it will all hit the fan!
The election of 2016 would be a good time to get rid of those lawmakers who are more interested in fattening their own nest then taking care of the people’s business. Since when is any treaty off limits to the scrutiny of our elected representatives and the people themselves? If you trust Barack Obama, a factually proven pathological liar then you need to see a psychiatrist! NO to TPP! If our representatives don’t care to know what is in it then we don’t care to vote for that person. Adious corruptocrats!
People who believe this country is going to even make it to another election are the problem. They want to “WAIT” until they can “change” things lawfully when our last election showed us what we can expect — fraud and more fraud. Then we just got more RINOs who have also sold us down the river! Face up to the fact that we no longer own or control the country our fathers fought and died for.
The barn door has been open since 2001 and the Patriot Act if not before that.. Elections are so manipulated by money, the media and fraud they’re little more than a joke. Pelosi, Boehner, McCain, Feinstein, Waters, Wrangel? Are you kidding me?
Term limits won’t work with the people who really run things like the FED, the IRS, NSA, CIA, EPA, FDA, FBI, SOL, IMF,BIS .
Armed rebellion against WHO, your own kids,,,remember, our military is now being trained to confront US. And secession will never take place, Texas tried it several times and the Media labeled us Nutcases for trying. What we need is to stand as one. One Faith, (All Christian Churches, and stop attack on another for petty reason) One people (regardless of your views) and One Nation. We need to organize Protests at every political appearance. We need to call, write, email, text our elected Representatives and we need to STOP attacking the Tea Party, they seem to be the ONLY party with a level head. Taking up arms against a corrupt Gov’t is what they want,,or haven’t you noticed how they are deliberately inciting riots all over the country. Do you think these morons just showed up on there own when most won’t even show up for work in the morning? People like George Soros has been funding them like he did in Greece, Spain, Italy and GB. and look at the Mess they now have because of Union Greed and Corrupt, long term Politicians.
Everyone immediately contact your House members and Senators and demand more openness to this trade treaty or get fired. Tell them “Senator I am your boss, not the Globalists or the Executive Branch of Government. I decide whether or not you remain in Washington and as it stands right now with all the secrecy surrounding this trade pact you are in danger of being fired. You know you cannot trust Obama, he has proven himself unworthy of being trusted time and again. You are sending the signal with this highly secretive approach to this treaty that we the people have no business approving or having anything to say about a treaty the Communist in the White House wants. You will be fired if you don’t put the brakes on this treaty without seeking our approval”.
It won’t happen folks if you don’t become more vocal and demanding; we will go down the road of past great civilizations into a total dictatorship. You can rest assured or you better be very suspicious there are things in this treaty they know we would rebel against if we knew what they had put into it. How about in addition to eliminating or making the 2nd Amendment of none effect; immigration? How many orientals will be coming to America as part of this trade treaty?
NAFTA, CAFTA have proven to be the engine for loss of our southern border and the influx of millions of illegal immigrants. The resulting culture change will devastate this country’s traditional life style to the point of no return.

The average American thinks NAFTA, CAFTA, & TPP just a trade agreements. Unfortunately they have proven to be much more. The super transportation corridor being bilt from the west coast of Mexico to Canada has no border considerations. While many believe it has been stopped in Texas they are wrong it is just on the back burner.
The North American Union is just over the horizon and when it gets here you will have no freedoms as described under the Bill of Rights. There will be some insurrection but the majority of the population is too old to fight or too young and chicken to die for an ideal they no longer believe in. Thank you Common Core.
When the guns are gone you are nothing more than waste to those who plan to reduce the earths population by millions. Don’t forget to say Thank you to the United Nations & Agenda 21. Most of all give your thanks to George H. W. Bush’s New World Order.
Barack Obama: ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ or the most corrupt and nontransparent government ever. Public is getting no chance to weigh in on TPP? To my mind, this is another trick of Obama to bring our country to the grave!
How about …. they are going along to get along … what ever it takes to stay in power … this is the most treasonous laden assembly this nation has ever placed in office … and there is not one courageous member of law enforcement,the judiciary or the FBI to call them on it.. We are a pity full bunch of whiners with very short attention spans for anything other than pleasure and entertainment…This is why we have this kind of leadership…

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